Rankings: 2003 Centers

When you're talking about the rising senior centers, it's a case of one elite guy -- and then all the rest. But besides David Padgett, there are prospects like Ray Shafer, Liam Hughes and Mitch Platt that are intriguing...

Beyond the usual suspects – well, suspect – there are some prospects to definitely keep an eye on in recruiting this summer. The usual suspect we're referring to is David Padgett. Coming of an injury, he had a very impressive spring and played perhaps the best he's ever played, being active around the basket, blocking shots, and playing his butt off. Among the other guys to definitely watch is Ray Shafer, a very coordinated and pretty athletic big man from Alaska who made a big splash in the Pump Easter tournament. He's getting probably the best recruiting looks of any big man in the west besides Padgett. Stefan Zimmerman, who has already committed to Utah, has good skills and generally a good feel, but just needs to develop physically. Perhaps one of the most intriguing players on the west coast regardless of class is Liam Hughes. Hughes came to the U.S. from England a couple of years ago and when he arrived, didn't show much in the way of basketball talent. But he's worked hard, and worked himself into a player. He still has a long way to go, and doesn't have much in the way of offense, but he's a defensive force you have to deal with. And he's probably close to 7-1. Mitch Platt doesn't do one thing really well, but does many things pretty well, with pretty good hands in the post and a good feel for the game. Maurice Shaw has a lot of talent, and might have the best post moves of anyone on this list. He's just hopped from school to school during his high school career it's always a question of whether he'll actually be there. But for pure talent alone, he's definitely among the top centers in the west.

1) David Padgett, 6-10 Reno (Nev.) High
2) Ray Schafer, 6-10 Wasilla (Alaska) High
3) Stefan Zimmerman, 6-10 Orem (Utah) Mountain View
4) Liam Hughes, 7-0 Modesto (Calif.) Modesto Christian
5) Mitch Platt, 6-9 Las Vegas (Nev.) Green Valley
6) Maurice Shaw, 6-8 Fresno (Calif.) High
7) Marcus Isaac, 6-9 Peoria (Ariz.) High
8) Austin Waggener, 6-8 Culver City (Calif.) High
9) Reggie Jackson, 6-8 Denver (Col.) Montbello
10) Andrew Bruckner, 6-8, Valencia (Calif.) High

Other Centers of Note:

Hans Gasser, 6-8 Issaquah (Wash.) High
Levar Halsell, 6-9 San Leandro (Calif.) High
Vince Scott, 6-9 Phoenix (Ariz.) Greenway
Zach Proett, 6-9 Spokane (Wash.) Mt. Spokane
Jarrod Boswell, 6-10 Lakeside (Calif.) El Capitan
Simon Knight, 6-8 Berkeley (Calif.) St. Mary's
Phillip Okonma, 6-9 Lancaster (Calif.) Antelope Valley Christian
Travon Free, 6-5 Compton (Calif.) Dominguez
Josh Love, 6-8 Auburn (Wash.) High
Corey Lowe, 6-7 San Francisco (Calif.) Sacred Heart Cathedral
Garrick McDowell, 6-11 Gridley (Calif.) High
Charles Woodruff, 6-9 Portland (Ore.) Roosevelt
Michael Thompson, 6-8 Bakersfield (Calif.) East Bakersfield
Igor Fishbeyn, 6-9 San Francisco (Calif.) Lincoln
Tim Krug, 6-8 Chandler (Ariz.) Valley Christian
Kenny Crockett, 6-8 Las Vegas (Calif.) Western
Mike Weitzeil, 6-8 Orem (Utah) Timpanogos
Jason Mgebroff, 6-9 Tacoma (Wash.) Kentwood
Mario Avery, 6-9 Lancaster (Calif.) Quartz Hill
Mike White, 6-8 Watsonville (Calif.) Monte Vista Christian

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