Rankings: 2003 Small Forwards

It's probably the most deeply talented position in the class of 2003 on the west coast, with the likes of high majors like Dominic McGuire, Trevor Ariza, Wendell White, Antonio Porch and Fred Washington...

The small forward list for 2003 is probably the most talented in the class, and it's a testament to how good of a prospect that Dominic McGuire is that he heads the list. McGuire even lacks a jumpshot, at this point, but is so good, so athletic and so active around the basket and handles the ball so well that he's #1. Close behind is Wendell White, who is probably just as athletic and does have a pretty jumpshot and a nice, physical body that can go inside. Trevor Ariza could have the most potential at the position, and is one of the best slashers. He has played sometimes more like a power forward, but his body is more suited for a wing, and this spring he showed that he could play more out on the perimeter. Antonio Porch is a long, springy athlete who also likes to play inside a lot, but has shown good potential on the wing. One of the most steadily rising players in the west is Fred Washington. He started out as a 6-3 power forward, then has grown into a 6-5 small forward, but can play inside and outside. A better jumpshot is really all he needs. The position, though, might go 11-12 deep with potential high-major players, which is pretty deep with talent.

1) Dominic McGuire, 6-5 San Diego (Calif.) Lincoln
2) Wendell White, 6-5 Redondo Beach (Calif.) Redondo Union
3) Trevor Ariza, 6-7 Los Angeles (Calif.) Westchester
4) Antonio Porch, 6-6 Denver (Col.) Denver East
5) Fred Washington, 6-5 Torrance (Calif.) Bishop Montgomery
6) Justin Hawkins, 6-6 Lakewood (Calif.) Mayfair
7) Marcus Dove, 6-6 Long Beach (Calif.) Millikan
8) Sean Marshall, 6-4 Rialto (Calif.) Eisenhower
9) Adam Morrison, 6-5 Spokane (Wash.) Mead
10) Brett Collins, 6-5 Phoenix (Ariz.) Mountain Pointe
11) Dorrell Wright, 6-6 Lawndale (Calif.) Leuzinger
12) Tyler McGinn, 6-5 Gilbert (Ariz.) Mesquite
13) Devon Evertsen, 6-6 Phoenix (Ariz.) Moon Valley
14) Kerry Woolridge, 6-7 San Leandro (Calif.) High
15) Chris Devine, 6-7 Eagle River (Alaska) Chugiak

Other Small Forwards of Note:

Zach Ryan, 6-6 Bakersfield (Calif.) Garces
Sam Betty, 6-6 Stockdale (Calif.) High
Patrick Hannaway, 6-5 Colorado Springs (Col.) Doherty
Lance Den Boer, 6-5 Sunnyside (Wash.) Sunnyside Christian
Leon Jacobs, 6-2 Los Angeles (Calif.) Manual Arts
Jason Gilzene, 6-6 Los Angeles (Calif.) Fairfax
Devin Peal, 6-4 Richmond (Calif.) Kennedy
Jason Goodman, 6-7 Los Angeles (Calif.) Fremont
Thomas Juillerat, 6-5 Pleasanton (Calif.) Amador Valley
Skyon Clark, 6-4 La Jolla (Calif.) High
Chris Brever, 6-6 Denver (Col.) Denver East
Richard Cobbs, 6-5 Moreno Valley (Calif.) Canyon Springs
Lance Holloway 6-6 Oakland (Calif.) Bishop O'Dowd
Jason Petrimoulx 6-4 Las Vegas (Nev.) Cimarron-Memorial
Shyon Clark 6-4 Las Vegas (Nev.) Desert Pines
Trayvon Williams, 6-5 Fontana (Calif.) High
Ramond White, 6-5 Las Vegas (Nev.) Green Valley
Jerrick Owens-Murray, 6-5 Richmond (Calif.) Salesian
Julian Conyers, 6-4 Milpitas (Calif.) High
Bobby Nash, 6-6 Honolulu (Haw.) Iolani
Josh Flynn-Brown, 6-3 Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola
Ronald Ligon, 6-4 Inglewood (Calif.) High
Josh Akwenuke, 6-4 Beaverton (Ore.) Westview
Keenan Gooch, 6-7 Fresno (Calif.) Washington Union
Evan Moore, 6-6 Brea (Calif.) Brea-Olinda High
Mario Malave, 6-4 Emeryville (Calif.) High
Tim Dunham, 6-3 Pittsburg (Calif.) High
John Elliot, 6-3 Colony (Alaska) High
Kellen Williams, 6-4, Seattle (Wash.) Franklin
Sam Fredotovich, 6-4 San Leandro (Calif.) High
Theo White, 6-6 Sacramento (Calif.) Hiram Johnson
Jeremy Cross, 6-2 Vista (Calif.) Rancho Buena Vista
Chris Fuller 6-4 Las Vegas (Nev.) Centennial
Chris Cochran 6-5 Henderson (Nev.) Foothill
Brandon Burmeister, 6-5 Mercer Island (Wash.) High
Andy Palmer, 6-5 Washington (Utah) Pine View
Mike Scott, 6-5 Oakland (Calif.) Skyline
Reggie Smith, 6-4 San Jose (Calif.) Andrew Hill
Thomas Jullierat, 6-5 Pleasanton (Calif.) Amador Valley
Ryan Jackson 6-5 Provo (Utah) Timpview
Nick Mills, 6-5 Bellevue (Wash.) Eastside Catholic
Brian Hicks, 6-5 Monte Vista (Calif.) High
Gabe Treadwell, 6-6 Easton (Calif.) Washington Union
Nick Green 6-4 Las Vegas (Nev.) Valley
Tyrell Curry, 6-4, Tacoma (Wash.) Mt. Tahoma
Todd LaMasters 6-4 Las Vegas (Nev.) Palo Verde
Perrin Johnson, 6-4 Corona (Calif.) Corona Centennial
Derek Taylor, 6-5, Spokane (Wash.) Central Valley
Tom Whitehead, 6-5 St. George (Utah) Dixie
Matt Meads, 6-6 Sandy (Utah) Skyline 

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