Kingwood Classic: Day 2, Part 1

HOUSTON, Tex. – Saturday at Kingwood was strong. The stars came out to play and guys like Anthony Randolph, Jerryd Bayless, Blake Griffin and Kyle Singler put in work!

Anthony Randolph, PF, Dallas Mustangs – His team went down 20-3 so he took it upon himself to score the next 7 points (with style) and finished with 17 for the game. Forget the numbers, his performance had the place buzzing. In terms of sheer talent and "wow" factor, Randolph has the goods. He's 6-foot-10, handles, made a pair of 3s and can play above the rim -- think Lamar Odom meets Tayshaun Prince! Frankly, his effort on Saturday was the most unique and eye-opening of the day. His upside is off the charts and everyone in the place knew that this guy is capable of being a special prospect.

Kyle Singler, SF, Portland Legends – He kept scoring and his team kept methodically advancing on Saturday. The Long Ranger of the Legends was getting it done. In the contest we took in Saturday afternoon, Singler made 8-of-13 shots and hit 4-of-5 from the line. He finished with 21 points and 7 rebounds, cementing was already a strong national status.

Blake Griffin, PF, Athletes First – We didn't get to see him today but there's a sense buzzing through the event that he's making his move nationally. More than once the term "beast" was used to describe him and he's done nothing but capitalize on the momentum of the Boo Williams showing. Duke, Connecuticut and Michigan State are jumping hard into the mix.

Jerryd Bayless, SG, Arizona Magic – Ok, time to make the switch and tag him as a shooting guard because that's what he does – score the basketball. He'll hang and hit tough shots, plays with confidence and an explosion that a Top 20 caliber prospect should display. We watched him get 27 in one game (8-15 FG, 9-9 FT) and reports are he was on point all day long.

O.J. Mayo (right), SG, Miami Tropics – He certainly had his moments (see the reverse on the baseline with the mid-air switch to his off-hand for a lay up) but you can tell he's a little out of his comfort zone. There's a lot more pressure on this guy than there needs to be and we hope he's able to make himself happy before impressing everyone else.

Durrell Summers, SG, The Family – Basically he's got the body you'd want your scoring wing to possess. He's strong, athletic and can create shots and opportunities. He's one of the studs at his position and the guy knows how to turn the scoreboard.

Corperryale Harris, G, The Family – He drew a huge coaching contingent mainly because 1) guys want to see how good he is 2) he's a kid a lot of programs think they can get involved with. As a prospect he's rangy, a good athlete and a strong finisher for a guy with a thin frame. He defends, scores, passes and contributes. He's currently uncomfortable playing behind the arc and that's a part of his game that will need to be addressed. Bottom line – schools are scrambling to make in roads.

Kevin Love, PF, So Cal AS – There is simply no way to convey the gift for throwing Joe Montana-like outlet passes this kid has. He's a special player for a number of reasons and has a great career ahead of himself. Move over Dan Marino, no one has more AAU touchdown passes than Kevin Love.

Tennessee Travelers Trio – They lost to Team Florida but we like the core group of guys they have. Guard Terrance Oglesby is a tough, hard-nosed competitor with a big time jump shot. He's on that high-major fence but will likely topple over that side because he simply buries J's and make shots.

Antoine Wiggins is a small forward that we'll bank on being high-major by summer's end. He's not textbook with his shot but he makes them (4-8 FG, 2-4 3s) and our guess is that he continues to improve. Omar Wattad is a guy we didn't notice at the Boo (our bad!) but is a mid-major plus contributor who sticks shots, boards and plays with intelligence.

Jeffrey Jordan, G, Rising Stars – Forget who his daddy is and look solely at his game. He's a strong mid-major lead guard who gets into the paint, can create for himself and others while using a nice little burst of speed. Jordan said playing time is what's most important to him and mid-majors need not be scared off by the family genes. Get in there and recruit this guy because he's a player and he's got some leadership ability as well.

Jamychal Green, PF, Alabama Challenge – There's nothing more rewarding for a recruiting analyst than to wake up at 6:45 a.m., head over to a gym for an 8 a.m. tip and be treated to a revelation. This young stud has post moves, range as a rebounder and man, he's nothing if not productive.

Nick Williams, SG, Alabama Challenge – It's pretty rare to see a kid drop 7 3-pointers in the 8 a.m. game but that's what Williams accomplished. By doing so, he inserted his name into this column and raised his awareness level regionally for SEC schools and nationally for guys who happened to witness his shooting spree. Not too shabby for a sophomore!

Ed Davis, PF, Boo Williams – He hit up the Compton Magic for 20 in the game we caught. "Ed Davis, now he's on another level," coach Boo Williams said of his sophomore. The big boys are making him a priority evaluation this spring.

J'mison Morgan, C, DFW Elite – The big fella is much improved since last season. He announced his presence and the confidence is sky high. Guys were flat out scrambling to find out who he was because there were no numbers listed with his team. The enterprising assistants know that Morgan is a name on the rise.

The Darrell Arthur Saga has taken another turn. The LSU Tigers are firmly in the mix. Arthur said that he's visiting Baton Rouge next weekend. The talk on the streets at Kingwood pegs LSU as the favorite. Arthur said he's stilling looking at Kansas, Oklahoma and Baylor. How strong are they? Strong enough that John Brady hasn't even been spotted out here and they are the behind the scenes leaders. That's pretty strong.

Mark Gottfried was up bright and early watching Jamychal Green. Won't be the first time the coach sees him this spring. Green said the ACC, Alabama and Stanford have shown interest. … Anthony Randolph drew quite the crowd of head coaches: Bill Self, Roy Williams, Skip Prosser, Tubby Smith, John Thompson, Scott Drew, Lute Olson and Billy Gillispie. … With Mayo on the court Roy Williams, Tubby Smith and Kansas State assistant Frank Martin looked on. …

Northwestern head coach Bill Carmody was present at every Michael Thompson game we caught. … Head coaches for Patrick Patterson in an afternoon game: Florida, Wake Forest, Kentucky, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, UNC, West Virginia, UConn, Clemson. … Lorenzo Romar watched new commitment Isaiah Thomas. … The afternoon crowd for Kyle Singler was Mike Krzyzewski, Bill Self, Lute Olson and Ben Howland. … The late night crowd for Kevin Love had Ben Howland and Coach K in the mix. …

Anthony Randolph's high school coach rattled off a school list of Baylor, UNC, Memphis, Louisville, Texas, Wake Forest, Kentucky and Georgetown. … Ed Davis is getting hit hardest by Virginia, Georgetown and Virginia Tech at this early stage. … Corperryale Harris is hearing from UCLA, Michigan, Marquette, Illinois, Tennessee, Wisconsin and the list will be longer. …

Gavin Edwards, the UConn commitment from 2006, is going to prep school. He's a long bodied shot blocker with down-the-road promise. He's yet to settle in on a prep school. … Point guard Angelo Johnson said he's heard from UAB, Montana, Wisconsin and Iowa State. … Trevor Mbakwe likes Florida, Marquette, Michigan, Minnesota and Miami. …

2006 small forward Jeremy Jacobs is trying to qualify to get to school this fall. Mississippi State and Tulane were there tonight and Cincinnati is positioning itself to make a run at him. … Hasheem Thabeet is going to have options if he can get a test score. Oklahoma State's Sean Sutton and Jim Calhoun comprised the head coaches and they were joined by assistants from Florida State, Nebraska, Clemson and Louisville. …

Bobby Lutz must see a lot of Brendan Plavich in Terrance Oglesby. They both are Tennessee Travelers and Plavich made it happen in Charlotte. … Speaking of Oglesby, Washington State just offered and so did the 49ers. Miami, Georgetown, Penn State, Florida and Tennessee are peeking at him. …

D'Walyn Roberts of the Dallas Mustangs is an intriguing prospect. He seems to improve or at least do something to get your attention each time out. There's a sense that he'd be a strong C-USA type kid who, if he got consistent, might earn a higher look. … Eshaunte Jones has a quick trigger and a lot of confidence in his jump shot. He should because he can stroke it. ..

Here's a name in 2009: Christian Waterford. We saw the Challenge PF make on play – a sweeping drive in the paint – and that was all it took. He's on the radar. … Jesse Woodard led the Compton Magic with 19 in a game, holding down the fort until his bigs arrived on a plane. … Kalin Lucas has command of his team. He's not Chris Paul (though it's chic to compare them) but he is the leader of The Family and an unselfish point man. …

"No one will let him shoot it more than I will I can promise you that. That's a pretty good recruiting pitch, right?"

One high-major head coach's approach to Terrance Oglesby's recruitment

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