Padgett Talks About Recruitment

Coach's sons are always a step ahead of the pack when it comes to understanding the recruiting game. Take David Padgett for instance, he's already made three official visits and his fourth has been planned for September.

Next Visit Comes In The Fall

David Padgett likes being the son of a coach. His father, a former Santa Barbara assistant coach, watches over him and helps monitor his basketball development. However, one day they'll have to part ways. Well, not so much part ways, but leave each other's side. That day is coming.

Padgett told a gaggle of reporters at USA Basketball Camp that distance wasn't going to be a factor in his recruitment. So far, he's visited Arizona, Stanford and Kansas officially. North Carolina, the school furthest from his home in Reno, Nev., is next up. The Tar Heels will host Padgett in September.

In addition to what would amount to his top schools, Padgett is looking at Louisville, California and Oregon. However, someone is going to have to break through traditional powers Arizona, Stanford and Kansas to sign this young man.

Padgett is trying to be as open minded about his recruiting situation as possible. He won't name a leader. "I haven't put them in order yet," he said. "I guess I could if I sat down and thought about it, but I want to leave it open."

Padgett cites the comfort level with both the staff and the players as keys in making his decision. He said that so far, the visits have been the best way to truly evaluate those relationships. "I have to want to be there," Padgett said.

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