The Butler Is Looking To Do It

Jackie Butler has a plan. The McComb High School product isn't shy when it comes to talking about his dreams.

NBA Option Will Be Explored

At 6-10 and just under 250 pounds, Jackie Butler is a fairly imposing figure. He had a tremendous junior season at McComb High. For all intents and purposes, he's a big time recruit. He has loads of talent, most of which has yet to be realized.

With that said, Butler has one goal in mind: the NBA. "I'm going to take that chance," Butler said of a possible decision to enter the NBA right out of high school. "I'm going to work hard and if it's there, I'm going to take it."

Strong words from a strong prospect. "I can make it. If I work hard, I know that I can." Butler said he felt the reason why early entry candidates Lenny Cooke and DeAngelo Collins didn't make it was because they didn't work hard.

Candidly, Butler spoke of keeping in mind his goal of getting to the league. Clearly, it's his dream. He says that the money would be very tough to pass up. Who could blame him? But, he's got a lot of work to do in the meantime and a year or two of college ball would likely be the wiser choice.

Right now, he lists Louisville, Mississippi State, Louisiana State and Alabama among his favorite schools. "There's a whole lot more," Butler said.

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