2004 Small Forwards

The 2004 small forward class in the west is led by players such as Marcel Jones, Zack Tarver, Tim Pierce and Chris Fields, among others...

We won't rank the 2004 class until after July, as there are simply too many players that we haven't had a good look at yet. Instead, we're listing ten of the top players at each position (in no particular order), along with other players of note. Keep in mind that this is a rough list and it will undoubtedly change dramatically by the end of July.

Top Ten:

Marcel Jones, 6-6 Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei
Justin Armstrong, 6-4 Oceanside (Calif.) El Camino
Kyle Brucculeri, 6-6 Los Alamitos (Calif.) High
Mark Hall, 6-7 El Cajon (Calif.) Granite Hills
Jonathan Heard, 6-5 Los Angeles Manual Arts
David Pendergraft, 6-6 Brewster (Wash.) High
Tim Pierce, 6-5 Oakland (Calif.) Fremont
Rogdrick Craig, 6-4 San Jose (Calif.) Valley Christian
Zach Tarver, 6-5 Portland (Ore.) Jesuit
Chris Fields, 6-5 Long Beach (Calif.) Poly

Other Small Forwards of Note

Grayson Moyer, 6-5 La Jolla (Calif.) High
Ryan Coldren, 6-7, Eugene (Ore.) Marist
Daniel Flemmings, 6-6 Murrieta Valley (Calif.) High
Jesse Stott, 6-4 Salt Lake City (Utah) East
Andre Glenn, 6-6 Modesto (Calif.) Modesto Christian
Vada Jarmon, 6-3 Santa Ana (Calif.) Foothill
Phil Harbaugh, 6-5 Corvallis (Ore.) High
Stephen Augmon, 6-4 Palo Alto (Calif.) Eastside Prep
Daniel Burke, 6-3 Rialto (Calif.) Eisenhower
Erik Ainge, 6-5 Hillsboro (Ore.) Glencoe
Juwan Rubin, 6-2 Union City (Calif.) Logan
Mike Gordy, 6-6 Denver (Col.) Manual
Thomas Huff, 6-5 Chandler (Ariz.) Hamilton
Lee Cummard, 6-5 Mesa (Ariz.) High
Andre Hayes, 6-2 San Jose (Calif.) Piedmont Hills
Taylor Jackson, 6-5 Provo (Utah) Tempview
Jermaine Johnson, 6-2 Seaside (Calif.) High
Jon Kargas, 6-3 San Diego (Calif.) Scripps Ranch
Jesse Stott, 6-4 Salt Lake City (Utah) East
Calvin Chitwood, 6-6, Phoenix (Ariz.) Paradise Valley
Khion Tate, 6-3 Berkeley (Calif.) High
Curtis Terry, 6-4 Tacoma (Wash.) Curtis
Chauncey Wiseman, 6-4 San Diego (Calif.) High
Nick Young, 6-5 Reseda (Calif.) Cleveland

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