Capitalizing On His Chance

Sometimes, kids take events like USA Basketball for granted. Invites to elite camps like this are supposed to come for the best players. However, few would could have predicted the rise of power forward Terrance Roberts. The St. Anthony's standout even surprised himself.

Roberts Will Make The Most of His Chance

"Absolutely not," said 6-8 power forward Terrance Roberts when asked if a year ago he thought he'd be playing at USA Basketball. "Since the [ankle] injury, I just wanted to get back and play. I never thought I'd be here."

Roberts' meteoric rise from forward to Big East hot prospect began one day back in February. St. Anthony's was playing Amityville (NY) in the Prime Time Shootout. Roberts was fully aware of what Jason Fraser brought to the table and he was ready. "I played post defense on him," Roberts said. "He can get 40 on you. I just wanted to do more than he was doing." The end result was Roberts playing Fraser to a standstill in front of college coaches and a throng of national media. "It just took off from there."

Now, college recruiters are falling all over him. Roberts said that Syracuse, Florida, Illinois and Rutgers are recruiting him the hardest. He also likes Maryland, UConn, Virginia, Seton Hall and St. John's.

It probably didn't hurt Roberts' development that he plays for one of the most acclaimed high school coaches in the business, Bob Hurley. "Coach Hurley tells me that I have to believe and that's what I do."

In his first two games in Colorado Springs, Roberts is averaging 8.5 points and 7.5 rebounds.

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