Good Week, Good List For Bowers

SOMEWHERE OVER, Okla. – Artie Bowers was happy with his performance at the USA Basketball Development Festival. Happy, but not thrilled. In our eyes, Bowers was very good; demonstrating that he could score when the best players in the country were checking him.

Consistent Event For Artie

St. Benedict's shooting guard Artie Bowers, a native of Delaware, represented himself well at the USA Basketball Development Festival. Bowers averaged 14 points for the week and shot 27-for-63 from the field.

But, throw the numbers out the window because Bowers did something more important than just pile up good stats. He played consistent, smart basketball.

"Someone said to me that when my shot wasn't falling, they thought I was doing the little things," Bowers said. Bowers averaged nearly 5 rebounds a game and was able to come up with 14 assists. For handling the ball on the wing a lot, he took good care of it.

"I think I could have played better in transition," Bowers said. "I wasn't the player I usually am in transition. I thought I could have done that better."

The scorer has drawn some pretty nice attention so far. He feels like he has offers from Wake Forest, Massachusetts, Rutgers, Seton Hall, UConn and Notre Dame. "I just want to get a chance to visit them all," Bowers said.

Prior to the start of ABCD Camp, Bowers is trying to squeeze in an unofficial visit down south. He says that he is trying to visit Wake Forest sometime this week.

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