Crater Emerges As High Level Point Guard

Word is starting to get out that there's a pretty good sophomore point guard in the state of Michigan. Anthony Crater, a Class of 2008 member, burst onto the scene last weekend.

Anonymity. It used to be Anthony Crater's biggest advantage.

"I like it that way," Crater said. "If they don't know who I am I have an advantage on them. There's certain players that come out and take certain players for granted. If they don't know me, they don't know what to expect."

Well, after last weekend's breakout tournament at the King James Classic, Crater is unlikely to catch anyone else by surprise. The 6-foot-1 standout from Flint (Mich.) Southwestern is no longer anonymous – or at least he shouldn't be.

As a sophomore this past year, Crater was named first-team all stater when he averaged 15 points a game; up 8 points from his freshman season.

"To be honest, I had an OK freshman year. I could have done a lot better I was just really getting used to playing as a varsity player. My freshman year I was intimidated. I was just trying to get used to the game. My sophomore year I just came and played."

The 6-foot-1 true point guard is a slick assist man who limits his mistakes. He knocks it down from the perimeter, gets in the paint and is quite the playmaker. In two high level games last weekend, it was Crater who took ownership of the contest, steadied the team and provided backcourt leadership to a veteran group of Michigan Hurricanes.

Marquette, Illinois, Michigan State, Arizona and Ohio State have been to see him thus far. At this point, he's not even thinking about recruiting but that time won't be far away once the secret continues to leak to areas outside of Flint.

Crater's ability to fly under the radar has been compromised. Last weekend might have been the final time he could sneak up on people and he enjoyed it quite a bit. "When I got the ball I was open. They weren't really rushing to get out to me. When I started hitting they finally got to rushing out there."

Sorry, Anthony, the secret was too good not too share.

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