Braswell Has Leader, Improves Stock

DeMatha power forward Chris Braswell has always been a prospect. Last weekend at the King James Classic, Braswell showed out. He sat down with and chatted about his game and his current college leader.

Chris Braswell knew it. He was in the midst of a terrific weekend. His Triple Threat team came dangerously close to winning the entire tournament but O.J. Mayo had other ideas. Regardless, Braswell was onto something with his 3 days of play.

"I think I did better this weekend," Braswell said. "I had more touches this time. The Charlie Weber – I did good but I worked hardest this weekend.

"I feel like I raised the bar high. My coach is not going to accept nothing less than like the work I did here."

Well put, Chris.

Braswell scored on just about everyone who guarded him in Ohio. Mainly it was his footwork and spin moves that proved to be the decisive methods for scoring. There were stretches where Triple Threat would dump it down to him and he'd just take care of business and made it look easy.

"It's my spin move. That's the advantage that I have over big men; that and my quickness."

Georgetown is hoping that Braswell uses his spin move in their building. Currently, the Hoyas lead for Braswell's services. "It's an area school. It's a good environment and it's a good fit for me."

Maryland, Virginia Tech, Connecticut and Villanova are also giving chase. Each program had a representative watch Braswell over the course of the weekend tournament. Tech and Maryland sent their head coach during different times.

"I don't look for coaches. I know that coaches are going to be here but I try to play my hardest every game because you never know the next time you get to lace your shoes up."

One thing is certain: the next time Braswell laces up his sneakers, all eyes will be focused on him. They'll want to see if the rising junior big man can replicate the weekend he had at the King James. By now, everyone knows what he's capable of.

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