Clarke Shooting For Stars

You can't always judge players by the look test. That goes for the 6-foot-10 athlete who can't play or the baby-faced white kid who appears too small and too slow. Rotnei Clarke falls into the latter category.

Rotnei Clarke knows what people think when he steps on the court.

``That I'm white and slow," said the 5-foot-11, 160-pound Verdigris High (Okla.) sophomore guard.

However, Clarke has been able to use people's pre-conceived perceptions to his advantage, leading the state of Oklahoma in scoring (34.2 ppg) this past season.

Clarke doesn't have the typical look of a big-time player. He's got the baby-face and that whole package that screams of a guy being chosen last when he goes to the local parks.

However, Clarke is one of the best shooters in the country.

He had 10 games in which he scored at least 40 points this past season. He even put up 55 in one contest.

``There's no question he can play ay the highest level," said his Team Texas teammate, Willie Warren. "He's the best shooter in the Class of 2008."

That's hard to argue since Clarke has virtually unlimited range and every time the ball leaves his hands, you think it's going in.

Clarke will need to work on his quickness to be able to succeed at the high-major level, but he's still got two years left of high school ball.

So far, Clarke said that Arkansas, Tulsa, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and even Michigan State have shown interest.

``The college interest started for me last year when we went to Kansas City," Clarke said. "We only had five players, so I had to play the whole game."

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