Evertsen Has Solid List

The hard-working small forward from Arizona, Devon Evertsen, has a tight list of schools he's intersted in, but he said he might like to get it over with early...

Devon Evertsen, 6-6 SR SF, Phoenix (Ariz.) Moon Valley, will be getting some strong recruiting attention if he continues to play like he is the first couple of days of the Nike Camp's controlled scrimmages.

Not that he hasn't been getting solid recruiting attention already.

Evertsen, who averaged 24 points and nine boards as a junior, said he's getting recruited by USC, Utah, Arizona State, UNLV and Texas. He's also heard from Syracuse, and recently got a call from North Carolina.

"Yeah, North Carolina called," Evertsen said. "Actually, I was staying with my friend, Maurice Shaw, and the called him, but wanted to talk to me, too. They said they were going to consider recruiting me."

He said that USC, ASU and UNLV have offered scholarships.

Evertsen has a good handle on the schools that have been recruiting him seriously to date, though. He's taken unofficial visits to ASU, Utah, and UNLV, as well as having visited Arizona a number of times. Arizona had been Evertsen's long-time favorite, but he believes the Wildcats are recruiting him anymore since they signed a number of players at his position.

About his unofficial visits, he said he liked all three schools, but that he particularly liked UNLV. "I really like UNLV. I like their facilities. And I like the city. There are a lot of distractions but it's still fun."

Most of the schools that are recruiting him made it out to see him during the spring evaluation period. "Syracuse had plans to come out and see me but couldn't make it," he said.

Evertsen said he'd like to get his decision over with fairly quickly, but plans on taking at least a few official visits before he does. "I was thinking I'd like to make a decision by the end of all the camps and tournaments, but I really have to take some trips and check out the schools first."

If he had to pick which schools he'd visit, Evertsen said UNLV would be at the top of the list, along with Texas and Syracuse, "And North Carolina, if they recruit me." He said, "I really want to use my trips to see schools that are far away, see if I could see myself going to school there. I don't know know, I think I'd kind of like to stay close to home, though."

Evertsen has a 2.8 core GPA and will take the SAT in September.

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