Nike Camp Report: Day Three

NDIANAPOLIS – Monday was the first day the college coaches could venture off campus this month. While the level of play did get ratcheted up a notch, it's becoming increasingly clearer that the best players in the gym this summer are the youngsters. While there are a few horses in the Class of 2003, overall the talent pool isn't that deep.

Nike All-American Camp, Day III

2003 Checklist

Gary Forbes, SF: Here's a young man we knew very little about. On Sunday, the amicable Forbes basically came up and introduced himself. He said that he liked Georgia Tech a lot and Virginia was also recruiting him. On Monday, we found out the reason why. Forbes is a talent. His perimeter game is good and he's a smooth player. You may not have heard much about him until now, but he's a nice player and we'll be eager to see more.

Vakeaton Wafer, SF: Folks around Nike Camp can't believe that he's not even at full strength. Wafer's athleticism is superb and onlookers are learning that he's got the perimeter package and attacking mentality on offense. Again, this is one of the premier talents in the class.

Ndudi Ebi, PF: Mr. Ebi played hard today and made some 3s. This is his camp to take over so let's see if starts putting the screws to people and cranks it up the final two days to an even higher level.

CJ Anderson, SF: This young man had a day. He's one of the best offensive rebounders in camp and he's not even that tall. What he has is a motor that seemingly goes and goes – the Energizer Bunny would be proud. And hey, it doesn't hurt that Daniel Gibson, Chris Paul and Greg Paulus are the backcourt players getting him good looks. Thumbs up to Anderson for capitalizing.

Michael Bush, SG: The best football prospect in the building had a terrific early session and good evening session. Bush was teeing up 3s early and they were dropping. He also has a medium-range game. However, his body is starting to decidedly look like that of a football player. He's going to be a heckuva walk-on somewhere.

Chris Richard, PF: Today, everyone caught a glimpse of the future. Richard was terrific in the early morning session. He was making medium-range jumpers and getting on the glass. His athleticism and power are tough to account for. We ranked him pretty high based on his potential and he's starting to make us look real good.

JR Giddens, SF-SG: The Kansas-bound athlete can play. This was really our first watching of him and came away real impressed. He has great athleticism and instincts. He's versatile and looks like he's going to be able to really help the Jayhawks early in his career.

Courtney Simms, C: Here's another youngster that we watched for the first time and like Giddens, we really liked him. Hey, Gary Williams was in the building watching and one can only assume he liked him as well. Right now, the offense needs work but man he sure get off the ground, rebound and reject shots.

2004 Checklist

DJ White, PF: If there's three better underclassmen at this event than DJ White, we'd like to see them. His shoulders are so wide that there's little doubt he needs two seats on a plane. OK, so he's got a great body but what else does he do you say? How about face up to medium-range range and stroke jumpers. This kid is skilled. He's also IU's top 2004 target and Mike Davis wasn't about to let him out of his sight today.

Malik Hairston, SF: Loved him at the Hoop Jamboree and he's continuing to score at a good clip here. Hairston is one of those guys who can really create for himself. He's also hit you up for the quiet 20 points because he's good around the rim. Having a fine summer run.

Ra'Sean Dickey, PF: The big fella is still learning but he's got some great tools. You have to respect a young big man who attacks the rim and looks to dunk the basketball if possible. It sounds simple, but many young bigs lack the confidence to try to throw one down every time. Not Ra'Sean. His play of the night was a two dribble jaunt that ended in a powerful one-handed baseline jam.

Daniel Gibson, PG: This is one smooth dude. He's on a team with Chris Paul and Greg Paulus (2005) and the trio is really causing problems for other teams. This young man is going to make a significant amount of money someday playing this game. Some observers talk about him as a two guard but to play him off the ball would be to take away one of the things he does best: run a team. He's a natural leader who's as smooth as they come. He also draws big time crowds of head coaches.

2005 Checklist

Zarron Cann, F: The Floridian turned heads more than once today. One play, he drove from the wing and hammered down a vicious two-handed thunder dunk. Apparently, someone forgot to tell him he's just a sophomore.

3-On-3 Competition

The following are some random thoughts on the morning 3-on-3 sessions.

Junior Joe Crawford was better in this setting than he was in Sunday's game action. He looked to turn it up and got some things done on offense. … Terry Evans from St. Louis proved he's one of the most athletic kids at camp. … Daniel Gibson hit four 3-pointers in a five minute game. I mean, these bombs barely touched the net. … Chris Paul was very good in this setting. He was able to set some guys up and drained plenty of jumpers. … 2005 point guard Tiki Mayben isn't the best freshman in the nation as some would tell you. However, he's got one terrific burst to the cup. … Guess what? No one can guard Tack Minor in this setting. Tack might be declared an illegal player in this format because there's no one who can check him. …

PJ Tucker went off today. He ripped a dunk and let out a primal scream that just forced you to look his way. … Speaking of dunks, Kris Humphries hammered home a few nice ones. This young man has himself a great frame. … We really like the savvy of Patrick Ewing. If he just was more of a consistent scorer, he'd be terrific. … Jesus Verdejo of Miami Christian has a game that sets up well for this style of play. He had the patented fadeaway rolling today. … Luol Deng can really handle the basketball with some skill. …

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