Stewarts Have Clear Leader

The athletic twin guards from Washington, Lodrick and Rodrick Stewart, have a Pac-10 school that is the clear-cut leader for their services...

Rodrick Stewart, 6-3 SR SG, Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach, and his twin brother Lodrick, have been rumored to be "sewn-up" for a certain school, and Rodrick didn't say much to contradict that at the Nike Camp in Indianapolis Monday.

"If I had to commit right now, it'd be USC," Stewart said.

Stewart said that USC is the best fit for him. "So many things about it seem right. I decided a while ago I didn't want to go to the biggest program. USC is big enough. Coach Bibby, I really like his personality. He's real. He says stuff from the heart. He tells my brother and I the truth and gives it to us straight. And I like L.A. It's big and exciting."

Stewart, of course, is also speaking for Lodrick, who missed the Nike Camp due to tendinitis. But, as its been for a while, Rodrick and Lodrick are a package deal.

Rodrick, who averaged 26 points and 5 boards a game as a junior, also mentioned Arizona, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Mississippi State and Washington. He said he liked those schools, but they were all in a distant second to USC. "I know the one visit I'd take right now would to USC," he said. "I don't know really where else I'd trip to."

There had, about a year ago, been a story that the Stewarts had committed to what they were calling their long-time favorite school, North Carolina. Rodrick said that he still likes UNC, but there isn't a great chance he and his brother would go there. "I don't know what's going on there. I haven't heard from them recently," he said.

The Stewarts, according to Rodrick, plan to visit USC as soon as possible. Is it possible that they could commit on their visit? "Probably not. We might like to see other schools. I want to get it over with, but my dad wants to wait. He thinks you never know. That you could get really interested in a school on your visit."

Of course, the Stewarts would not be the first twin brother act at USC. Rodrick and Lodrick would be following in the twin footsteps of USC sophomores Errick and Derrick Craven. The Cravens and the Stewarts are almost eery in their similarities, too, with both pairs being very athletic, 6-3-ish guards, and being what is called "mirror" twins – that is, one being left-handed and the other right-handed. Rodrick said he really like the prospect of he and Lodrick playing with the Cravens. "When we get there, they'll be juniors. One of them is a shooting guard and one is a point guard, and that's what many think will happen with Lodrick and me, too. I think it would be great, to have us all there playing at the same time."

All they would need are a set of frontcourt twins, if there are any available.

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