Pangos Camp: Day 1 Rundown

CYPRESS, Calif. – There was an invasion of prospects from the state of Georgia at the Pangos All-American Camp. As good as the crew from the South looked; it was Jamelle Horne who represented the West in a big way on the first day.

Jamelle Horne, SF – For our money, he's the best prospect at camp, at least after one day. The guy has a lot going for him as a prospect and the added dose of athleticism doesn't hurt either. When he caught it his boys would cry out "Melo" and then he'd go get a bucket from the mid-post or a dunk off the drive. No. 22 on's list deserves to be there.

J.J. Hickson, PF/C – We caught his first game of the day and there simply wasn't anyone capable of slowing him down as he did chin-ups on the rims at the Warrior Center. He went out and took care of business.

Austin Daye (right), SF – This growing prospect (literally) has quite a nice little skill package in a 6-foot-10 frame. The guy can bust shots on the perimeter and should be quite the player for the Zags. He's got narrow shoulders (unlike Tayshaun Prince) and adding weight will play into his develop. Firmly entrenched as a Top 100 prospect and one of the better players here.

Martavius Adams, C – Give this young man all the credit in the world as he's shed 50 pounds and it's making a noticeable difference in the game. Like Hickson, no one here really wants much to do with him in the paint and he escorted defenders to the rim where he converted. Losing the weight has made him more mobile and confident as a player.

Chandler Parsons, SF – Known for his shooting, Parsons hasn't been stroking it here and that's fine. What he's done is shown that he has a basketball IQ – in a setting that isn't easy to do so – and found ways to score buckets. He finished with his left at the rim, ran the floor hard and made that extra camp pass that, because of the nature of camps, sticks out when you see it happen. The guy simply capitalized on opportunities as they presented themselves.

Darnell Gant, PF – Ask him and he'll tell you: his comfort zone is facing the basket as a perimeter oriented four man. His inside game is elementary but he can shoot it on the perimeter. How much does he like his ability to play on the perimeter? During the morning instruction by the New Orleans Hornets assistant coach Dave Miller, Gant had to fight back the urge to take the floor when Miller asked for a guard to volunteer in a drill!

Billy White, SF – The Vegas product could be a ringer (facially) for J.R. Giddens. He must have told himself when camp began that he was going to bring the energy because he had it at both ends. If he can get his academics in order he can be a player.

Matthew Simpkins, PF/C – Here's the deal, the talk at camp is that he's going to reclassify into this grade. From a basketball standpoint he's making strides as he fills out his body. He can get things done inside and his confidence level is much higher than it was the last time we caught him. He's created a little "buzz" for himself with his play on the first day.

Ashton Gibbs, SG – He'll have a chance to be a multi-positional guard. He had probably an average day basketball wise but that's not why we're writing about him. During the morning drills his approach was businesslike. He attacked every drill with intensity and that alone was impressive. He's very strong with the ball.

G.J. Villarino, PG – When it came time to win in his last game of the day, Villarino knew what to do. He's thin and not strong at all but he's got a good sense about him, can pass and make shots. He carries himself like a player and has a quick trigger on his jumper.

Derrick Favors, PF/C – The kid won't turn 15 until the latter part of July. What's he do best right now? Box out and get traffic boards. He's one of the youngest guys here and certainly a name to watch for in the coming years.

Rome Draper, SF – He can do a little of everything, has a long frame and fires away from mid-range and along the baselines. He'll have a chance to be a nice player down the road.

Drew Gordon checked into camp late and for good reason. The 2008 big man took 7th in the state on Saturday in the discus and the shot put. Why is that significant? Well, for one it shows how athletic he is and two, he doesn't practice that much! …

James Harden's grandmother died on Friday but there is talk that the wing may play Sunday at camp. …

Marcus Simmons, a wing out of Louisiana, says LSU, Texas, Mississippi State and Southern Cal are recruiting him. … Ashton Gibbs likes Seton Hall, Rutgers, Georgetown and Iowa. Iowa? Yep, the Garden State native's connection to the Hawkeyes is thru former Pirates assistant Billy Garrett, now a staffer for Steve Alford. …

Mid-major prospect PG Donnell Beverly has an offer from Kent State and is hearing from San Diego, Portland, Texas Tech, Pepperdine and Boise State. … Chandler Parsons visited Arizona State before camp began and is tripping to Southern Cal afterwards. The Sun Devils have offered, joining Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, Creighton, UMass, Miami and South Florida in that department. …

Kenyon Harmon is no longer committed to Charlotte but is considering the 49ers. He said Auburn has also offered him. … Heiden Ratner, a potential mid-major player, has an offer from Southern Utah. Santa Clara, Portland, Pacific, Tulsa and New Mexico State are looking at him. … Darnell Gant said UCLA was his leader and hardest pursuer. Washington and Oregon are also in play. … Matthew Simpkins said that Arizona's Lute Olson was the head coach courting him the hardest. He's heard from UConn, Washington and the Bruins to some extent. …

Chris Allen had a rough opening game as a match up with Senario Hillman never materialized. Allen got it on track later in the day and is one of the best guards here for sure. Hillman outscored him in the opener and he's pretty talented in his own right. … 2008 forward Chris Singleton showed last week at the T.O.C. that he's a prospect. However, he's got to get comfortable doing more inside to compliment his urge to play outside.

2009 point guard Justin Cobbs is strong to rim (he dunked once) and shoots it enough to keep you honest. Just a rising sophomore, the next trick is to make everyone around him better. … Jeremy Hazell is one of the top strokers here but you might be asking yourself what is he doing here? Well, Hazell is taking another post graduate season. …

If there's a hustle/energy award to be given out at this venue, he'd be as good a candidate as any. A potential mid-major prospect, McKinnes dunked everything (and we mean everything) he could get his hands on. Seriously, dunking the ball as much as he did has to be draining. … Malcolm White is one of the best straight up leapers we've seen. … Andrew Goudelock, a shooting guard, had a strong day of shot making on the perimeter. …

"He's only 14. He'll go back to the room and watch The Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. That's what he likes."

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