Schaen: Close to Decision?

The power forward from Mater Dei, Harrison Schaen, said he wants to make a decision soon -- but reliable reports might differ on whether the schools he's considering have actually offered a scholarship...

Harrison Schaen, 6-8 SR PF, Santa Ana Mater Dei, said he's close to making a decision – and has a group of schools he'll choose from.

"It's the Pac-10 or the Ivy League," he said. "I like Stanford, USC, Arizona and Cal. And Yale, Princeton or Penn."

The Ivy League schools don't offer scholarships, which Schaen said will influence his decision. "My family, financially, is right in the middle. If we we rich enough to afford it, it wouldn't be a problem, and if we we poor enough to get financial aid. But we're right in the middle. So, that makes it difficult for the Ivy League. I could get a summer job to help to put me through, but playing basketball and going to school, and then having a serious summer job would be a lot. I don't know if I want to go through the hassle. And I think I'd like to stay close to home."

So that leads us to the Pac-10. Schaen has taken official visits to Stanford, USC and Arizona and would want to visit Cal as soon as possible, since he said he wants to make his decision quickly. "And if I could fit in another visit, I'd do that."

While reliable reports indicate that the four Pac-10 schools he's considering haven't offered Schaen a scholarship formally, he insists they have. "All four have offered, and I'm thinking it could be between those four."

What does he like about the Pac-10 four? "Stanford, you get the best education. Arizona is one of the best basketball programs, USC is close to home, and Cal, you get a combination of a few of those things."

He sounds pretty unsure for someone who wants to make a decision soon, especially since he conceded that Stanford has yet to accept his application. "I want to get it done as soon as possible. First I was thinking I'd do it here, in Indianapolis at the Nike Camp. But now I think I'll do it fairly soon after I go home. I'm waiting on the Stanford acceptance. I should hear within a couple of weeks."

He said he has a 3.2 GPA and scored a 1220 on the SAT, but is taking summer school classes to raise his GPA to "somewhere close to around 3.7," he said.

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