National Players at Nike/ABCD

Here's a look at who were the best prospects in the senior class and underclass nationally at Nike and ABCD...

We feel that you need to rank players by their potential – not by how they did at one, single camp or tournament.  Of course, ranking the players at ABCD and NIKE is based on one performance at a camp, but, with these rankings, we're projecting by that performance what kind of college player they could be.  So, one player might have performed better than another but doesn't rank higher.  For instance, Kris Humphries is ranked #7 and played better overall than Shagari Alleyne. But Alleyne is 7-3 and is continuing to improve, so he gets a higher ranking.


So here are the top 25 rising senior prospects and the top 25 underclassmen who participated in the Nike and ABCD camps. West coast players are in bold.




1. Mustafa Shakur, 6-3 PG, ABCD, Wynnewood (Penn.) Friends Central


2. Ivan Harris, 6-8 PF, ABCD, Mouth of Wilson (Virg.) Oak Hill


3. Luol Deng, 6-7 SF/PF, NIKE, Blairstown (New Jersey) Blair Academy


4. Ndudi Ebi, 6-8 SF, NIKE, Houston (Tex.) Westbury Christian


5. Olu Famutimi, 6-4 SG, ABCD, Flint (Mich.) Northwestern


6. Shagari Alleyne, 7-3 C, NIKE, New York (New York) Rice


7. Kris Humphries, 6-8 SR PF, NIKE,  Minnetonka (Minn.) Hopkins


8.  Charlie Villanueva, 6-9  SF, ABCD, Blairstown (New Jersey) Blair Academy


9.  Vakeaton Wafer, 6-4 SG, NIKE, Lisbon (Louis.) Pineview


10.  Travis Outlaw, 6-8 SF, ABCD, Starkville (Miss.) High


11.  Andrew Lavender, 5-7 PG, NIKE, Columbus (Ohio) Brookhaven


12.  Kendrick Perkins, 6-9 C, ABCD Beaumont (Tex.) Ozen


13. Shannon Brown, 6-2 SG, NIKE, Maywood (Ill.) Proviso East


14. Taurean Minor, 5-10 PG, NIKE, Houston (Tex.) Washington


15. Brandon Foust, 6-5 SG, NIKE, Columbus (Ohio) Brookhaven


16. J.R. Giddens, 6-5 SG, NIKE, Oklahoma City (Okla.) Marshall


17. Gary Forbes, 6-5 SF, NIKE, Brooklyn (New York) Banneker


18. Paul Milsap, 6-6 PF, NIKE, Grambling (Louis.) High


19. Chris Paul, 5-11 PG, Clemmons (North Carolina) West Forsyth


20. Michael Jones, 6-3 SG, ABCD, Braintree (Mass.) Thayer Academy


21. Aaron Brooks, 5-11 PG, ABCD, Seattle (Wash.) Franklin


22. Akini Adkins, 6-8 PF/SF, NIKE, Tallahassee (Flor.) Leon


23. Drew Neymick, 6-10 C, NIKE, North Muskegon (Mich.) High


24. Longar Longar, 6-9 PF, NIKE,  Rochester (Minn.) Marshall


25. Regis Koundjia, 6-7 PF, ABCD, Laurinburg (North Carolina) High






1. Derrick Caracter, 6-8 FR PF, NIKE, Fanwood (New Jersey)


2. Richard Hendrix, 6-7 SO PF, NIKE, Athens (Georg.) High


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