Turner Wants To Cut List Soon

St. Joseph's High small forward Evan Turner checks in at No. 49 on the Scout.com current 2007 Top 100. At this point, Turner is trying to manage his lengthy list of schools and do his homework in advance of his decision.

Evan Turner is a hot name in college basketball recruiting. How hot? Last week there was a rumor about a commitment to Illinois. For the record, the 6-foot-6 member of the Class of 2007 likes the Illini (a lot) but he hasn't committed.

Heck, he hasn't even announced a final list yet.

"'m kind of getting a list together," Turner told Scout.com. "I'm basically going to get together (with some people) and we're trying to figure out schools, set up the pros and cons. A list is coming soon. I think I'm nearing somewhat the end of my recruitment."

What Turner means is that its time to get serious. In a perfect world he'd like to cut his list, learn more about the schools and gather the information he needs to make a decision.

"After I narrow it down I think I'm going to build a stronger relationship with each staff. When I talked to so many people I was caught up with what I was doing off the court. I haven't had time to focus on who I was talking to. It's time to learn more about their programs."

There are a few schools who should feel good about their chances with making the cut. Illinois, Iowa, Ohio State and Wisconsin should be safe. The Badgers were the first truly big time school to offer Turner a scholarship and they made their move last year during Midnight Madness.

Notre Dame, Miami and DePaul are in contention for a bid and there could be others. Remember, Turner wants to trim a list up so that it's short, manageable and gives him the best chance to learn about the people recruiting him. We think he could come out and announce a final list very soon.

"I'm trying to do it sometime in the next couple of days," Turner said. "I've spoken to my mother, my brother and Coach Mullins (Illinois Wolves) and we're trying to narrow it down."

One school that's made waves with Turner in the last few weeks has been Duke. On his way to the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions in North Carolina, word leaked that Duke might be interested. So far, Turner's hasn't spoken to the Blue Devils head coach but is keeping open the possibility of being recruited by Duke, even though they aren't a factor right now.

"With the whole Duke thing, I'm behind Kyle Singler," Turner said. "They're still trying to check me out in July and everything. Who knows what's going to happen when the next period opens? I think Duke can make it up but I know who I'm behind and I'm not sure if I'll wait on one school to get an offer but of course Duke can come in."

OK, so here's what we know. Turner is trying to narrow his focus and could trim up his list very soon. Illinois is "a little bit above the rest of them" but he hasn't committed. Four Big Ten schools are in good position to make the final cut.

By the way, Turner's game has advanced in the last few months. As his confidence has grown, so has his success rate. His teams win, he's a major factor in the success and the fact that he's rocketed up the charts hasn't gone unnoticed by recruiters and the media.

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