West Coast All Star Camp 2nd Session

The West Coast All Star Camp's second session was somewhat lacking in talent when compared to past years, but there were still some interesting players on hand. Here's our view on a few of them...

Here's a look at some of the players who caught our eye at the second session of the West Coast All Star Camp. Unfortunately, we were also covering the FullCourt Press camp at the same time, so we didn't get a good look at all of the players in the camp.

Devon Evertsen, 6-6 SR SF Phoenix (Ariz.) Moon Valley. Evertsen looks to have improved since we last saw him in the spring. One of the better athletes in the camp, his outside shot was going down when we saw him. Has the potential to be an excellent defender, but didn't really apply himself at that end of the court. He's going to get high major attention, but he'll need to change his approach to the game to succeed at that level. A little too lackadaisical and laid back when he wasn't playing top competition.

Nick Fazekas, 6-10 SR C Arvada (Col.) Ralston Valley. If you can get past his thin body, and the very awkward way he runs, Fazekas is a nice prospect. Very good hands, good feel for the game, solid skills and competes well. Looked very good in head-to-head match-up with Mitch Platt. He'll get plenty of mid to high major looks.

Kyle Jeffers, 6-8 SR PF Santa Rosa (Calif.) Montgomery. Jeffers had a disappointing camp, as he struggled to get things done inside and never seemed to get in a rhythm. He did sprain both ankles a couple weeks ago and we don't know if that affected his play in this camp. We're assuming it did, as we've seen him much better in the last couple months. He's not especially explosive, but he was even less so in this camp. Still, we like his size, frame and agility and we expect he'll show better at the Big Time and Elite Eight.

Maurice Shaw, 6-9 SR PF Phoenix (Ariz.) Moon Valley. Shaw has always had ability and upside, but he's moved around so much that he's had a difficult time developing his game. He looked good in this camp, showing some nice moves in the post and rebounding well. In a class with few post players, Shaw figures to draw major interest if he's academically eligible.

Bryce Taylor, 6-4 JR SG North Hollywood (Calif.) Harvard Westlake. We only saw Taylor in the all-star game, so it's tough to comment on him. We love his ability to score from anywhere on the court (effortless jump shot). Body looks a bit thicker than when we last saw him a few months ago and that may be something he needs to watch as he gets older.

Bobby Nash, 6-7 JR SF Honolulu (Hawaii) Iolani. Nash has improved since last summer when, frankly, we were disappointed in him. He played with more effort at this camp and showed a little better athleticism. His shot was just ok, and he forced the action a bit at times, but he showed enough to be considered as a possible prospect next year.

Kejuan Johnson, 6-3 SR PG Lakewood (Calif.) Artesia. Strong, athletic guard with some upside. Decisions and outside shot need work, but he's got the size and physical tools to be intriguing.

Brandon Carpenter, 6-5 SR SG Elk Grove (Calif.) Jesuit. We didn't see much of Carpenter, but he looked very impressive in the all-star game. Nice athlete, good body and a solid stroke. Had a couple nice takes off the wing to the hole. Someone we'd like to see more of this month.

Jeff Fahnbulleh, 6-6 JR PF Van Nuys (Calif.) Montclair Prep. Big, wide body who was killing people in the all star game. More explosive than you'd expect and he knows how to use that big body around the basket.

More to follow in our next report...

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