Chapman Coming On Strong

Come July 6th, a lot of Pac-10 schools are going to be eyeballing big man Clint Chapman (2007). The 6-foot-9 center/forward is turning heads at the NBA Players Camp. So where did he come from and why are we learning about him just now?

Clint Chapman's story is a good one. Apparently, he was averaging just 8 points a game at Canby (Ore.) High then the unexpected happened, he got his chance and the next thing you know he's holding Pac-10 offers.

"(My junior year) started out real slow because I started out the season averaging 8 points a game. My brother was a senior and he's 6-8 so it was mostly about him. He got hurt and the next game after that I came out after that and dropped 23 and had 15 boards.

"Then the next game was out league rivals and I came out dropped 28 and had 15 again. It started there and I ended up averaging 16 a game coming from 8."

Smaller West Coast schools were keeping tabs on Chapman until three spring AAU events launched him onto Pac-10 radars. Still, Chapman wasn't convinced the interest was all that genuine.

"After the spring ended, guys were interested. It wasn't a whole lot but I was getting recruited a little bit. Mostly I think they thought I was a big guy and maybe a project."

The evolution has continued and now he's on bubble of being a Top 100 prospect. The NBA Camp has helped. He's showed the ability to play facing the basket and his size and tools inside have been noticed.

"I see myself different because a lot of these guys (at NBA Camp) are big and strong and they bang inside. I'm different because I can go out and hit 3s and I can do stuff like that. If I get inside I feel that some of the guys are more experienced than me but I can hold my own."

With offers from California, Oregon and Southern Cal, this west coast native feels like his home will be in the Pac-10.

"I'm a west coast kid. I was born and raised west coast. I'm really, really looking at Pac-10 schools. That's probably my first choice unless something bigger comes up but that's probably where I'm going to stay."

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