NCAA Releases Latest School List

The NCAA added 16 schools to its original list that it won't allow core courses or graduation and it also announced that 22 other schools, including Oak Hill Academy (Va.), will undergo further review.

The NCAA, in its quest to crack down on so-called diploma mills, added 16 more schools in which it will no longer accept core courses and graduation and also announced that 22 more have been cleared for the fall, but their future status are still pending review.

That brings the total to 25 schools in which the NCAA will no longer accept core courses and graduation. Students from these schools can still have their academic records reviewed prior to enrolling in college.

All of the 100 or so schools reviewed by the NCAA thus far were identified based on irregularities in academic records, the nontraditional nature of their course content or their recent request for approval from the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse.

For the schools that remain under review, which includes Oak Hill Academy (Va.), Fork Union Military Academy (Va.), Bridgton Academy (Maine), Notre Dame Prep (Mass.), Patterson School (N.C.) and St. Thomas More (Conn.), additional information and further examination is needed to determine whether students attending the schools may use academic credentials from these institutions for NCAA initial eligibility purposes.

``The review of high schools in the initial eligibility process is an on-going effort," said Kevin Lennon, NCAA vice president for membership services. "If additional information is submitted a school may be considered."

The 16 schools below are not cleared for NCAA initial eligibility determination. They did not adequately respond to requests for information or submitted information that verified they did not meet NCAA standards for initial eligibility.

• Access (Santa Ana, California)

• American Academy (Miami)

• Cape Eleuthera Island School (Lawrenceville, New Jersey)

• Christopher Robin Academy (Springfield Gardens, New York)

• Hanna Boys Center (Sonoma, California)

• Horizon High School (Santa Ana, California)

• Joplin High School (Santa Ana, California)

• Kendall Park Learning Center (Kendall Park, New Jersey)

• Los Pinos (Santa Ana, California)

• Lyon High School (Santa Ana, California)

• New Horizon Christian Academy (Conover, North Carolina)

• North Atlanta Prep (Covington, Georgia)

• Otto A. Fischer High (Santa Ana, California)

• Rio Contiguo High (Santa Ana, California)

• Riverview Learning Center (Chesapeake, Virginia)

• Word of God Christian Academy (Raleigh, North Carolina)

The 22 schools below are cleared for use in the NCAA initial eligibility process only for prospects entering college in Fall 2006, and they are subject to future review. These schools cooperated in the review process but the NCAA still has questions.

• Alif Muhammad (Newark, New Jersey)

• Bonner Academy (Raleigh, North Carolina)

• Bridgton Academy (North Bridgton, Maine)

• Central Christian Academy (Winter Park, Florida)

• Crossgate Christian Academy (Hot Springs, Arkansas)

• Cypress Community Christian School (Houston)

• Florida Prep School (Port Charlotte, Florida)

• Fork Union Military School (Fork Union, Virginia)

• Genesis One (Mendenhall, Mississippi)

• Laurinburg Institute (Laurinburg, North Carolina)

• Lutheran Christian Academy (Philadelphia)

• Mt. Zion Academy (Durham, North Carolina)

• North Texas Academy (Plano, Texas)

• Notre Dame Prep (Fitchburg, Massachusetts)

• Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, Virginia)

• Patterson School (Lenoir, North Carolina)

• Pearblossom Private School (Pearblossom, California)

• Prince Avenue Preparatory Academy (Pickens, South Carolina)

• Puerto Rico Baseball Academy (Caguas, Puerto Rico)

• St. Thomas More School (Oakdale, Connecticut)

• Stevens Prep (Raleigh, North Carolina)

• Westlake Prep School (Davie, Florida)

Five new nontraditional high schools have applied to the NCAA Clearinghouse, but a determination has not yet been made regarding their status for initial eligibility purposes. All new high schools that seek to be used in the NCAA initial eligibility process will be reviewed prior to a determination being made regarding the institution. Prospective student-athletes from these schools will have their academic records reviewed prior to enrollment in college, and these schools will continue to be reviewed by the NCAA. These schools are:

• Educational Consultants (Midlothian, Vairgina)

• God's Academy (Grand Prairie, Texas)

• Mill Creek Baptist School (Youngstown, Ohio)

• New Life Academy (Salt Lake City)

• Progressive Christian Academy (Camp Springs, Maryland)

The NCAA first announced in June that several nontraditional high schools had been removed from the list of institutions used to determine initial eligibility, mostly for failing to respond to requests from the NCAA for further information. Of those 15 schools, five have since been cleared following further review. Those schools are the following:

• Hawaii Electronic (Honolulu)

• Martinez Adult Education (Martinez, California)

• Ranch Academy (Canton, Texas)

• Tazewell City Career and Tech Center (Tazewell, Virginia)

• Virginia Beach Central Academy (Virginia Beach, Virginia)

The remaining schools from the initial list that have not been cleared for use in determining NCAA initial eligibility are the following:

• American Academy (a different school from the first one not cleared but also located in Miami

• Celestial Prep (Philadelphia)

• Einstein Charter School (Morrisville, Pennsylvania)

• Goliath Academy (Miami Lakes, Florida)

• North Atlantic Regional High (Lewiston, Maine)

• Philadelphia Christian (Philadelphia)

• Rich Township H.S. Phoenix (Park Forest, Illinois)

• Sagemount (Miami)

• University High School (Miami)

Another school on the original list, Paradise Christian Academy (Paradise, Calif.), is still being reviewed.

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