Babbitt Looking for Comfort Level

The elite 6-8 rising junior forward, Luke Babbitt from Reno (Nev.) Galena, is participating in the Adidas Superstars Camp this week. He sat down to talk to us Wednesday, and cited how comfortable he is with a school we'll be a big factor, and he then listed what schools he's most comfortable with so far...

Luke Babbitt, the 6-8 junior power forward from Reno (Nev.) Galena, said that, even though it's early in his recruitment, there are a few schools he feels the most comfortable with.

"UCLA and Arizona," Babbitt said. "I've been to both of their camps and I feel comfortable with both of them, and the coaches there. I've gotten to know both coaching staffs really well, from the head coach to the assistant coaches. I feel comfortable with both of those schools. I've been up to Washington on an unofficial visit. I really like their coaching staff and the campus. I felt really comfortable with them, too."

Babbitt, who said he's grown at least an inch in the last year and is now 6-8 and 215 pounds, told us he's received offers now from a number of schools. "When I was down in Arizona (for their recent camp), they offered. Syracuse has offered, Washington, Michigan and Nevada."

When asked if he had a favorite, or a few favorites, Babbitt said, "I probably couldn't narrow it down to three or four, and I wouldn't even say I have any favorites. But if I had to name them it'd be Texas, Duke, UCLA, and the ones that have offered."

Babbitt did say, though, that when a school offers that does impact his opinion. "Anytime a school shows more interest in me it will improve my interest in them. So, if a school offered, like UCLA or Duke, it would improve my opinion of them."

Considering the factors that will have an impact in his decision, Babbitt cited his comfort level with the program. "Making sure it feels right and that I feel comfortable there, with the coaching staff, and the style of play, that's important," Babbitt said. "The location really won't matter. I just want to make sure it feels right and I feel comfortable. The education is one of the most important things. But you really can't go wrong with the Pac-10 and other big programs. Almost all of them have good educations."

Just going into his junior year, Babbitt, who is considered a top 25 national player, said he's getting a lot of recruiting attention, but he doesn't want to think about it seriously just yet. He said, "At this time, I'm still kind of just worried about playing, and then maybe after the summer or next year I'll start thinking about schools, or narrowing down a list. I really haven't set a timetable or plan or anything like that. I just want to take it all in stride, worry about playing right now and that's about it."

Babbitt said even though he got a different feeling from the UCLA camp, which he attended two years ago, and this year's camp at Arizona, he felt comfortable with both: "They were very different, which I was kind of expecting going in. They're different programs. The Arizona camp was more…there were a lot of pros that were there, ex-NBA guys and we had a lot of up-and-down, full-court running and stuff. I remember the UCLA camp being more about fundamentals and working on skill work. They did get up and down with some games, but it was a little bit different in that way. I liked them both, really. I wanted to go to both to see them, and I liked them both. It was pretty much like I was expecting. Both have very good coaches, and both camps were definitely worthwhile."

In terms of academics, Babbitt said he has a core GPA of around 3.85 and is taking one AP course next year. "I took the PSAT and I can't remember the score, but I know I did well on it," he said.

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