Nike Camp: Day Two Rundown

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – From the Lucas Boys doing battle to Austin Freeman and Robbie Hummel, the Nike All-American Camp was buzzing on Friday. Plenty of guys were out there getting it done and we've got the latest and greatest in terms of recruiting news!

Jai Lucas & Kalin Lucas – Two years ago college recruiters had their doubts about Devan Downey because of his size. His freshman year at Cincinnati took care of that. Those same questions have risen about Jai Lucas. Whatever flavor point guard you prefer, Jai Lucas should have cast aside any doubts with his play Friday night.

In the final game of the evening, Jai and Kalin hooked up again and it was awesome. Jai had the hot hand early, especially when he had a youngster guarding him. He immediately went to work and hit up a 2010 target with 4 left elbow jump shots, a spot he flat out wore out. He was hot and out of the gate quickly. Sure enough, it began to heat up with the Lucas Boys. They were giving each other buckets up and down at both ends. Frankly, it was outstanding and each played at a high level in this was a duel with two victors.

Jai Lucas might have come out the clear cut winner until Kalin – with Jai sprinting the length of the full – intercepted a pass and heaved a near full court toss to Delvon Roe for a corner 3. Roe missed, got a second chance and stuck the trifecta to get it to OT where Roe, who has played to his ranking and beyond, scored the game-winning bucket. WOW.

Austin Freeman, SG – Anyone who was in the building and didn't notice the kind of day he had couldn't have been watching. Here's the deal: Freeman might not pass the initial look test; he's just not that athletic a looking wing player. However, once it gets tipped, and you can never fully understand it, he turns into a scoring machine. We'd never seen him convert catch and shoots the way he did today and the kid was attacking and scoring without hogging it each time we watched.

Donte Greene, PF – His final game of the day was a showcase of his multitude of talents. If he did this more often we'd be talking not only about a lock Top 10 guy but a likely consensus Top 5 talent in this class. Baltimore's finest was ripping it from deep, exploding in the paint and one Big East head coach even went as far as to tab him "the best prospect in the country." Yeah, he played pretty good on Friday.

Robbie Hummel (right), SF – We've been waiting all spring and early summer for the real Robbie Hummel to emerge. It happened on Friday as he was big time all day long. From tip dunks to mid-range jumpers and deep 3s, Hummel hit his stride and played to the level when we first began to like his game last spring. He's confident, pleased with his game and if he sticks his chest out a little, well, good for him he's earned it!

James Johnson, SF – Every now and then the state of Wyoming will produce a hoops talent. The time is now. Johnson is the flavor of the camp as he's a big wing who can play on the perimeter. He's got everyone talking a little about his game as assistants scramble to gather info.

Julian Vaughn, C – He's settling into his future position and he's looking more and more like a skilled center everyday. In his afternoon game, Vaughn came out smoking and made a little statement. He'd be the first to tell you that he's not overly explosive inside but he's efficient and he played well today.

James Anderson, SF – To be honest, he probably hasn't put together an entire body of work in terms of camp performance but this guy can go. He's got a ceiling that hasn't been reached, touched or scratched. You watch him play and he'll make a move and zip right past a defender. You catch yourself wondering how many guys can do that? James Anderson can and we believe he's a heckuva prospect with continued development.

Chris Wright, PG – Not bad for a kid who recently defeated mononucleosis. In his first game of the day he was giving buckets to everybody. He scored a ton of points for a camp game.

Patrick Patterson (2007) vs. Semardo Samuels (2008) – The first session was sort of dragging until these two titans engaged in a spirited back and forth battle. They blocked each others shots then Patterson dropped a half hook and Samuels beat him down the floor for a dunk. For a while it seemed end to end and it was pretty cool. We caught Samuels later in the night and he was still playing pretty hard. Good stuff from the big boys!

Delvon Roe (left), PF – There isn't a hotter player in his class in the country right now. His play over the last month has been at a consistently high level. Before he stroked the game winning hoop in the evening, Roe rocked it out, from the perimeter no less, in his first effort. We've always said to look out when this guy starts making jumpers. OK, its time to lookout as he's making jumpers.

Xavier Gibson, C – He's back. Mostly due to an overall lack of strength in our opinion, Gibson's pre-summer play didn't quite meet expectations. In his first game on Friday, he met and exceeded them. Two mid-range jumpers to go with his overall body of work at both ends in the paint was enough to the big timers excited about him again.

DeMarcus Cousins, C – Nobody really had to say anything in the stands because it was just understood and agreed upon unanimously: he's a stud. After he won the tip and scored within 10 seconds of the beginning of the game we were impressed. In the second half when he busted a 3 is when the smiles from the big time coaches began to crack.

Ok, so who is jumping in on Jai Lucas? Well, we know Maryland recently did. Tubby Smith was front and center for the nightcap and Sean Sutton is already in the mix. Count Indiana as a school that will now be hot on his trail as the Hoosiers were there as well. Mix in a little Florida State because there's no way Leonard Hamilton couldn't have been impressed from his courtside seat. That's probably a good starting place. …

Chandler Parsons is packing the head coaches in: Miami's Frank Haith, Arizona State's Herb Sendek, Wisconsin's Bo Ryan and Virginia Tech's Seth Greenberg were courtside. … Xavier Gibson and DeMarcus Cousins draw the same crowd: Alabama, North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky where there early. Florida State was as well, at least for Gibson. … Xavier Henry was monitored by UNC, Kansas, Oklahoma and Kentucky. …

Here's one for you: we didn't hear it first hand but reportedly Patrick Patterson (right) told a gaggle of media that Kentucky and Wake Forest were his top tier schools with everyone else chasing them. What he doesn't know is that Jim Calhoun was spotted courtside and we're betting on the Huskies taking a run at him in addition to Duke, Florida and his staple of schools. …

Purdue's Matt Painter appears to be babysitting Robbie Hummel and he's got company from Indiana assistants. … Jerryd Bayless is headed home. Reportedly he's nursing a sore groin that he got while participating in USA Basketball. … Here's one for you: N.C. State coach Sidney Lowe and Arizona State's Herb Sendek both in the crowd watching Jamelle McMillan. … Good crowd for Tyreke Evans who has a twisted ankle: Rick Pitino, Jim Calhoun and assistants from Villanova, Texas, North Carolina and Rutgers. Later, Evans would tell that Louisville, Texas, UConn, North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky were among the schools he's interested in. …

Center Chris Barnes has offers from LSU and Memphis. He likes Georgia too, has spoken to an assistant from UNC and Charlotte likes him as well. … Julian Vaughn said that UNC, Duke and Kentucky are evaluating him. Washington, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Florida State and Pittsburgh are also in the mix. …

Mustapha Farrakhan said Wisconsin and Indiana State are calling him. … Terrell McKenzie indicated that St. John's and Virginia Tech have offered him. …

Willie Warren wasn't expected to play until later in the month because of injury but he's here at camp and though he's not at the top of his game, he's out there competing. … Credit guard Brandon Johnson with an overtime game-winning drive today. … We didn't see the game but one observer noted that Greg Monroe could have had double-digit blocks. …

Chris Wright (Dayton commit) had a one-handed throw down in semi-traffic that is easily one of the summer's best. … Travis Wear (2009): skilled perimeter forward. Big time prospect. … Gani Lawal is putting on good weight and had some strong moments when we were watching. …

"If he's from the Bronx, we'll get a visit. If he's from the South Bronx, we'll definitely get a visit."

  • New College of Charleston coach Bobby Cremins on recruiting to his New York roots. Cremins is responsible for the single best article of clothing this summer. Someone printed him up a Charleston polo shirt in bright yellow Georgia Tech colors. You can't miss him at camp and it's great to have his sense of humor back in the game where it should be!

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