ABCD: Day Two

The highly anticipated matchup between O.J. Mayo and Derrick Rose never happened because Rose was unable to play with an ankle injury. However, there was plenty of other action to go around at the second day of the ABCD Camp in New Jersey.

HACKENSACK, N.J. – Derrick Rose was unable to play in a highly anticipated matchup with O.J. Mayo on Friday night, but it was Alex Legion who picked up the slack and kept his team in the game against Mayo, Bill Walker & Co. Chris Braswell, one of the top talents in the Class of 2008, arrived from summer school and wasted little time making an impact.

With Rose on the sidelines, Legion stepped up – even spending a good amount of time as the point guard with the ball in his hands.

Legion will be the first one to admit he hasn't been playing well of late and while he won't divulge it, the word is that a sprained ankle limited his play in April when he struggled.

``I see it," Legion said of his sub-par play back in April. "I didn't play really good in the spring and I'm not making any excuses."

However, Legion came out and made a statement on Friday that he's back among the elite players in the class.

``I didn't have any consistency to my game and I was stressed," Legion admitted. "But now I feel good and I feel like I played well today."

Legion showcased the smooth game that he's become known for – scoring with pull-ups, fadeway jumpers and long-range shots.

Now Legion will once again become one of the most sought-after players in the country after his de-commitment from Michigan months ago.

``I just felt like I rushed into it," Legion said. "I felt like I had second doubts and I did it more for my mom and (mentor) Tim Green. She wanted me to stay close to home."

Legion will take his game to Oak Hill Academy (Va.) this year and also try to sort out the recruiting process.

``I like UCLA a lot, but right now there's no leader," he said.

Legion also mentioned Arizona, Notre Dame, Illinois, Kansas State, Kansas, Florida and Michigan.

Kevin Love, C – Three losses in a row for the big man, but it's not his fault. He's still doing his work in the post and on the glass, but there's a chemistry problem on the team. The one area where Love isn't quite as effective as usual is passing, but he's scoring domainating in every other facet.

O.J. Mayo, PG – He's been pretty good thus far, but still not playing like the top-ranked player in the land. He's been under control and has been solid in nearly every phase of the game, but once again, he hasn't exactly stood out as a future pro.

James Harden, SG – You've got to feel bad for the Artesia shooting guard because he doesn't get any touches – and doesn't ever complain. He's just going about his business and has been a non-factor in just about all of the four games he's played thus far.

Jeff Jones, SG – See James Harden, but just replace the word "Artesia" with "Monsignor Bonner." Jones started to really pick up his defensive intensity on Friday, especially in a matchup against O.J. Mayo and Isaiah Thomas.

Zach Graham, F – He just plain gets after it. Did a nice job getting to the line and doing work in the paint. He still needs to show that he can make shots from the perimeter consistently.

Corey Stokes, SG – The Villanova-bound shooting guard had it going in the game we saw him, knocking down outside shots as is his trademark – but also getting to the rim and mixing things up underneath the basket. He's a guy that when he puts it all together is very difficult to contain – and that was the case yesterday.

Darquavis Tucker, SG – His perimeter skills have come a long way. His confidence shooting the ball from three-point land has soared and so have the results. He's making shots from out there and if he continues to do that, he'll be a tough assignment for defenders because he's so athletic and strong that he can drive to the basket and finish on a regular basis.

Isaiah Thomas, PG – Not normally known for playing under control, the Washington-bound point guard (and we use that term somewhat loosely) has shown the ability to run a team here rather than just trying to score – which he normally does. Give him a lot of credit because he's playing with a purpose and it's working.

Jon Leuer, PF – He has had an impressive first couple of days. Out of the corner of our eye, we saw one of the best individual plays of the camp when he got the ball on the left wing, took one dribble and pulled up with a floater high off the glass.

Drew Gordon, PF – He was basically an afterthought in an afternoon game. Basically invisible, but it wasn't as though the effort wasn't there. Just didn't the ball. Did a decent job on the boards, but took a handful of shots (at most) and was a non-factor.

Brandon Jennings, PG – Other than the first game, the lefty floor leader has struggled to find his groove. He is trying to do way too much himself instead of making sure that his teammates get involved. Jennings is still one of the most talented players in the Class of 2008, but there's no reason that a team with Love and Jennings should have suffered three straight losses here.

Anthony Crater, PG – The Flint native has been the best floor leader in the Class of 2008 and arguably the best in the entire camp over the first couple of days. The reason: he gets his teammates involved, picks his spots to score and does it in a variety of ways. Can shoot the trifecta and is also quick and gets into the lane and makes things happen. Keeps everything simple.

Melquan Bolding, SG – One coach called him a poor man's Dewayne Wade and while he doesn't shoot the ball nearly as well, the body types are similar – and so are their abilities to get to the basket and finish. Bolding's game is based largely on power. He explodes to the basket and finishes.

William Buford, SG – He had one of the most impressive performances of the day, shooting the ball extremely well from the perimeter and also using his length and athleticism to drive and also convert shots in transition. One of the elite talents in this class and vastly underrated.

Kodi Augustus said he is looking at Arkansas, Texas A&M and Texas. The 6-foot-8, 225-pound Baton Rouge, La., recently took an unofficial visit to Arkansas and said he'll likely attend Mount Zion (N.C.) in the fall. … Portland native Clint Chapman (6-10, 235) gave a lengthy list of USC, Cal, Texas, Georgetown, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Virginia. ``It's become overwhelming, but it feels good," Chapman said. … Zach Graham mentioned Virginia Tech, South Carolina, Florida State, Miami, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgetown. … Anthony Crater made no secret that Ohio State is his leader, but also mentioned Duke and Louisville. … DeAndre Jordan's list remains unchanged: Texas, Texas A&M, LSU, Indiana, Florida and Florida State. … Darquavis Tucker admitted that Louisville is his leader. "It's close to being done, but not yet," Tucker said. … Alex Tyus mentioned Florida and Illinois, but said that the Gators have yet to officially offer. Ohio State is out of the equation after picking up Evan Turner.

Darnell Gant sat out because of a shoulder injury suffered in a game on Thursday. … Derrick Rose also missed both games with an ankle injury. … Chris Braswell showed up after missing the first day for summer school.

Coaches in the Gym – Norm Roberts, Dave Laitao, Bill Self, John Calipari, Bruce Weber, Matt Doherty, Bobby Gonzalez, Fred Hill, Roy Williams, Jay Wright, Billy Donovan, Chris Chaney, Tim Thomas (not the 6-foot-10 one).

``Cole Aldrich is the most overrated player in America" – One coach after watching the big man.

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