2008 Watch: Elston Turner

The 6-4 rising junior shooting guard, Elston Turner, from Roseville (Calif.) made a name for himself in spring as one of the best wings in the west for the class of 2008, earning him a spot at the Adidas Superstars Camp. He attended Arizona's Advanced Skills Camp last week, and talks about his favorite schools...

Elston Turner, the 6-4 junior shooting guard from Roseville (Calif.) High, is one of the best wings in the 2008 class in the west.

He's at the Adidas Superstars Camp, competing among some of the elite national prospects for the first time. And he said it appeals to him. "The competition is pretty intense," Turner said. "Overall I really like it. It's the most talent I've ever played against and I'm just working hard and trying to get my team to win."

Last week, Turner was at another camp – the Arizona Advanced Skills Camp – and it was another experience he said he liked. "It was a great experience," Turner said. "I like Arizona and I like Tucson, and the Arizona coaches."

In fact, Turner said his early and pretty solid favorite is Arizona. "Definitely Arizona is my favorite. I like Lute Olson. Last week at the camp, I really liked it. The coaches gave us a lot of good stuff to learn."

Turner said – in order – his top five are Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA, USC and Marquette.

How'd Marquette sneak in there? "I don't know. I've always had a thing for Marquette. I've watched them play a lot and I've thought that'd be a good school to go to."

But Marquette might not be realistic, Turner said, since he'd prefer to stay in the west for college. "I've never lived in the east, so I don't know what it'd be like," Turner said. In fact, Turner said location will probably be the biggest factor in his decision: "I want to be near my family, so they can watch me play a lot. The Pac-10 is most likely where I want to go. So the area, the location, is important. But I'd also like to get early playing time."

Turner has yet to be tendered a scholarship offer, and it's still early, since he has just finished his sophomore season. When asked what he'd do if Arizona offered, Turner said, "If they offered, I'd take it. Arizona is my #1 school. Arizona State and UCLA are close, but Arizona is #1. In fact, if ASU or UCLA offered, I'd probably wait to see if Arizona was going to offer."

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