Bill Walker Declared Ineligible

Bill Walker won't be allowed to play at North College Hill (Ohio) next year because he's exhausted all of his high school eligiblity. The ultra-athletic forward, who was arguably the best player at the ABCD, has a decision to make.

Bill Walker was 100 percent certain he'd be at North College Hill (Ohio) for a final go-around less than 24 hours ago. Now if he does return, it won't be as a player.

The ultra-athletic forward, considered one of the top players in the nation, was ruled ineligible on Monday by the state association because he has used up all of his eligibility.

Just prior to the Reebok ABCD All-Star Game on Sunday afternoon Walker said, "I'm there. Guaranteed," when asked if he'd be returning to North College Hill for his senior campaign.

Walker didn't back down from his statements on Monday afternoon – even after hearing the news that he wouldn't be able to play next season.

``I'm still a student there and my plan is still to go there as a student," Walker said. "I really don't feel like it's important for me to play high school basketball. That's not going to make or break me."

``I'm serious about not playing next year – for right now," he added. "But you never know. Things can change."

Despite Walker's claim that he intends to remain at North College Hill, it's highly unlikely that he'll stay there and watch from the sidelines. If that's the case, it will almost certainly mean that the school will also bid adieu to O.J. Mayo – Walker's good friend and teammate.

Walker (, No. 9) played as a ninth-grader at Rose Hill Christian (Ashland, Ky.) before enrolling as an eighth-grader at North College Hill in Feb., 2003, according to the state association.

"Based on the information we have received, Bill has exhausted his eligibility because he has participated at the high school level for eight semesters, which is the maximum permitted according to our bylaws," Commissioner Dan Ross said in a statement. "While we certainly feel for Bill and his family, the bylaws are specific."

Walker was arguably the top player at the prestigious ABCD Camp, which also featured his teammate at North College Hill, O.J. Mayo, and Kevin Love – considered the top big man in the Class of 2007.

Walker averaged 21.7 points and 10.1 boards per game last season at North College Hill, which finished 26-1.

Walker has always been known as a terrific athlete who plays with intensity. However, his perimeter game has improved significantly and Walker was knocking down plenty of outside shots this past week in New Jersey.

``I've been trying to develop my game so I can make it to the NBA and make the Hall of Fame," Walker said. "I've given my all into this. This is my life."

Walker's uncertainty just adds to the circus atmosphere surrounding Mayo and him. At one time, the pair was dead set on playing their college ball together, but both have said recently that it appears as though they may go their separate ways.

``We're trying to find the best place that both of us can be successful," he said. ``I really wanted to go to Cincinnati when Bob Huggins was there. It would have been the perfect situation – only two hours from home (in West Virginia)."

Mayo intended to hold a news conference at ABCD to announce he was choosing USC, but the week went by without any official announcement (although he told and that he intends to commit to USC).

``I'm pretty sure that O.J.'s going to make a decision when his mom's around," Walker said.

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