Q & A with 6-9 Derek Selvig

Derek Selvig is a skilled 6-9 forward from a small town in Montana who is, after being relativley unknown, now getting some attention from college programs, including one from the Pac-10. He does have some connections with the University of Montana, however...

Derek Selvig, the 6-9 forward from Glendive (Mont.) Dawson County, has to be one of the biggest sleepers in the country.

Selvig was virtually unknown until he played in some AAU events in April. He quickly got the attention of scouts and college coaches, with the skills of a wing in a legit 6-9 frame.

That led to Selvig being invited to the Reebok ABCD Camp, where he more than held his own last week. He showed his skill level, being able to handle the ball, and having a very good passing ability to go along with a very good outside jumper. His versatility in being able to guard a three, four or five really makes Selvig a valuable commodity.

While some colleges are starting to get the clue on Selvig, he has a long-time relationship with the local school, Montana, that could be tough to beat.

So how has the ABCD Camp been?

"It's been really fun. The The competition has been real high. I played Kevin Love's team, and he's one of the best players in the country. It was really exciting matching up against him."

How do you think you did?

"He has me by about 50 pounds. He's very quick for his size. You can't stop him. You can only try to contain him. But I think I did pretty well. I focused on the defensive end. I wanted to beat him to the block. And then on offense I tried to take him outside to try to get our guards to drive in so he wouldn't be down there. But he's real quick and can beat you to the basket, just about anytime he wants."

How has the experience been, coming from the competition in Montana?

"Yeah, there isn't much competition in Montana like this. I felt I held my own most of the time."

You played in the state championship last year?

"We lost in the semi-finals the last two years. We took third last year."

What's the next tallest guy in Montana you've played against?

"There have been some 6-10 guys. There was a 6-10 guy last year in state. But there aren't many of them."

Tell me your relationship with the University of Montana?

"Both my parents played at the University of Montana, and my uncle (Robin Selvig) is the women's head coach there."

What other schools are recruiting you?

"Right now, the schools recruiting me the hardest are Arizona State, Utah State, Nevada, and Montana."

Who's offered you a scholarship?

"Nevada, Utah State, Montana, and Northern Iowa."

Any other west coast schools?

"Gonzaga wanted me to come out to their camp and I went out there this year. A lot of Pac-10 schools have sent me stuff in the mail. I haven't seen that much interest from them, other than Arizona State."

Do you think you want to leave the state?

"I'm leaning toward Montana right now. I like the place. There's a player from North Dakota who's 6-11, Brian Qvale, who I want to go to school with. He's looking at the same places I am pretty much, including Montana."

Going to Montana, though, it's not exactly local for you, living in Glendive, right? "Yeah, it's about eight or nine hours by car."

You think you could commit quickly or will you take your time in deciding? "I'm leaning toward Montana right now, but if something changes, I might think about it. I want to commit, maybe during the football season."

And that's when you'll be playing quarterback?


How'd you do last season at quarterback?

" I split time with another quarterback but I threw five touchdowns. I see the field pretty well, obviously. I just have to get rid of the ball."

What kind of student are you?

"Good. I have a 3.0 GPA right now and scored a 20 on the ACT."

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