Harley Jamfest: Days 1-2 Rundown

MORGANTOWN, WVa. – The games weren't that close but that should change once Sunday's championship round rolls around. Regardless, we saw some good players and outstanding performances at the Triple "S" Harley Jam Fest on the campus of West Virginia.

Mac Koshwal, C, Chicago Jaguars – In the performance of the day, Koshwal was a freight train that steamrolled to 22 points (10-15 FG) and 9 rebounds. Forget the numbers, the guy was performing at a high level. He put it on the floor and dunked while taking advantage of some major league size discrepancies. He assaulted the rims at this event and he's on the rise! BTW, he's been in the country 4 years and the accent is sounding more and more like he was born and bred Chicago.

Pittsburg Jots – These guys demolished the Maryland Hurricanes in an opening round playoff game and what began as a ballgame disintegrated into a dunkfest minutes after the tip. Herb Pope, DeJuan Blair and Terrelle Pryor did their thing and made short work of the Hurricanes who simply were victims of the perfect storm – athletes, leakouts and a team that simply was intent of having a good time out there.

Jared Cunningham (right), PF, Hoop City – For two days we've watched him and progressively liked him more each time out. He's much improved from the time we saw him with Lake Oswego High this year. The native Virginian is contemplating a move from Oregon to his home state. In the meantime, he rests firmly on the mid-major/high-major fence. A 6-foot-7+ face up power forward, Cunningham had 25 and 9 in a playoff loss.

Michael Glover, PF, Bingos All-Stars – The highest scorer of the day was intimidating en route to 39 points. Glover did most of his work on powerful slams though he did mix in a few mid-range jump shots. Late in the second half after he missed a dunk, Glover flipped the switch and turned into a beast who came up just short of a 40-point effort. The mid-majors should show him tons of love.

Jay Garvin, SG/PG, Baltimore Stars – Here's a mid-major guard with grades. He's solid at this level because he's got a strong body and can score it enough to be a factor. Liked him in the Saturday morning session and so did a lot of coaches.

Braxton Dupree, C, Baltimore Stars – Credit him for working on his body. The kid needs touches and when he gets them he'll turn, seal and score. It's a simple game when you have size and stick to what you do best.

Lonnie Hayes, PG, Queen City Prophets – Ozie Davis' crew won a ballgame largely in part because Hayes played within himself, limited his bad shots and didn't force offensively. Instead, he scored when given the opportunities and finished plays. His style can be a little on the edge or your seat for some but he's a mid-major point guard who can score it.

Anthony McClain, C, NCA – Evaluating big fellas, especially developing ones, is not easy in the AAU setting. Having said that, there are some markers to look for. McClain runs the floor as swiftly as a kid his size can from the center slot. He's a good rebounder who blocks shots and he's slowly showing offensive improvements.

Rodney Haddix, SG, Derek Smith AS – The Kentuckian you will play next year at Hargrave is an excellent mid-major wing player. A strong shooter from mid-range, he can knock down the "3" and has an athletic frame.

Chris Prescott, SG/PG, Conn. Young Guns – He's got the attention of the high-major schools right now, as evidenced by the crowd he's drawing here. While defining him from a position standpoint is yet to be determined, Prescott has a pretty jump shot, the aptitude to pass the basketball and the ability to find the bottom of the net. He's a name to continue watching as he's one of the top rated underclassmen in New England.

Delvon Roe's Saturday morning crowd was big time. Try Tom Izzo, Thad Matta and assistants from Indiana, Michigan and Cincinnati. … Watching Marcus Morris and his brother Markieff was St. Joe's Phil Martelli (also there for Earl Pettis) and assistants from Rutgers, Kentucky, LaSalle, Clemson, Boston College and George Washington. …

Anthony McClain was watched by Pittsburgh's Jamie Dixon and assistants from Boston College, Connecticut, Rutgers and Kentucky on Friday. … Ramon Harris, playing for NCA, said Nebraska, George Washington, Charlotte, Rutgers and Santa Barbara are on him if he qualifies late. If not, the Alaskan forward will be a member of the 2007 class. … Andrew Bienert was watched by Davidson head coach Bob McKillop and an assistant from Holy Cross. …

Kansas State's Bob Huggins and Pitt's Jamie Dixon watched the trio of Herb Pope, Terrelle Pryor and DeJaun Blair. … Cliff Dixon, a power forward with the MD Hurricanes, said that Ball State is on him the hardest with Maryland, Georgetown, Tennessee and Oklahoma keeping tabs. …

DeJuan Blair said that Tennessee, Wake Forest, Indiana, Pittsburgh, Florida, Miami, Marquette and Kansas State are strong with him. He's only seen Pitt and West Virginia's campuses thus far.

Greg Loggins, a power forward from East Coast Enfusion, said Coastal Carolina and Canisius were on him the hardest. … Delvon Roe has a ton of schools chasing after him but none harder than Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Florida and Illinois. … Jay Garvin has an offer from VCU, Marist, Fordham, Mount St. Mary's and Loyola. He's playing well here after having a strong Eastern Invitational Camp. …

Chris Prescott (left) said that UMass was the first school to ever offer him. Connecticut, Wake Forest, Georgetown, Boston College, Louisville, Syracuse, Rutgers, Illinois and Memphis are worthy of mentioning at this early stage. … Marc-David Vil, a very good mid-major point guard prospect out of Canada, has offers from Buffalo, Central Michigan and Maine. …

Jared Cunningham said that Oregon has offered and he's hearing from St. John's, Boston College, Oregon State and Montana. On Saturday, only Richmond and Clemson watched him. This guy could be a sleeper. … Derek Smith AS guard Ty Proffitt has received interest from Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky and the "lower" Kentucky schools. … Mac Koshwal said DePaul, Miami, Kansas, Georgetown and Oklahoma State were on him the hardest. Tennessee followed him around today as did DePaul and Cincinnati. Tom Izzo was also watching the court he was on. …

File this name away: Robert Lumpkins. The shooting guard from Woodson High outside of D.C., would have walked off this campus with a high-major offer had he been qualified. He averaged 17 a game last season and impressed everyone who watched him so far here. He's about 6-foot-3, looks young and is a player. He'll likely need junior college and after that we expect he'll be more than ready to launch shots in a big conference. …

Djibril Coulibaly, a center with the Chicago Jaguars, should be a mid-major prospect at least. … One of the bigger shockers of the day was the King James early round exit. Delvon Roe and Kosta Koufos bowed out to the Long Island Lightning led by mid-major guard Andrew Bienert. … Chris Wright of the Queen City Prophets is a unique player. Expect his freakish leaping ability to account for at least one momentum changing play a game for the Dayton Flyers….

"I'll give my left arm for Tyrel Reed. It's not like I use it that much anyway."

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