Harley Jamfest: Day 3 Rundown

MORGANTOWN, WVa. – The cast of characters from the Pittsburgh Jots got it done on Sunday at the Triple "S" Harley Davidson Jamfest. Led by DeJuan Blair's monster series of Sunday games, the boys from down the road in the "Burgh" held off Hunting Park for the title.

DeJuan Blair, a power forward out of Schenley High, seems to always play well when the Jots reach deep into the playoffs on the final day of an event. Sunday was no different.

Before fouling out in the title game, Blair amassed 26 points and the team's unofficial MVP for the weekend. His strong championship game performance came on the heels of a big time 31-point, 19 rebound effort in the semifinals against the Queen City Prophets.

The Jots are quite a collection of fun loving characters and these guys thoroughly enjoyed themselves during the run. Terrelle Pryor, a strong member of the Class of 2008, made a series of defensive plays in the semifinals that helped stave off QCP. He then scored 16 points in the title game.

Hunting Park was paced by Ken Spotwood who scored 18 and Markieff Morris who netted 17 points of his own.

Andrew Beinert (right), PG, LI Lightning – He lifted his team into the semifinals and it wasn't about scoring. His leadership, value of the ball and good decisions helped the structured squad from The Island put a dent into the event. The guy changes speeds and is going to be a very good college player.

DeJuan Blair, PF, Jots – There's something about us watching him on Sundays in big games. During the May T.O.C., Blair had 26 and 23 in a game his 31 and 19 in the semis was reminiscent of that display. The guy has great hands and touch around the basket. Some of his rebounding stats are slightly padded but only because he does such a good job of rebounding his own misses ala Charles Barkley.

Mac Koshwal, C, Chicago Jaguars – The boys from Chi-Town ran out of gas despite Koshwal trying to rally them late. He saved himself for the stretch run against Hunting Park but it wasn't enough.

Lonnie Hayes, PG, QCP – The Prophets don't play in the semis without his scoring touch. They needed him to make buckets and he did his best throughout the playoffs.

Chris Wright (left), SF, Queen City Prophets – He went for 20 against National Christian in the morning and then used his athleticism to face up guys in the semis against the Jots when he had 17 points and 5 rebounds.

Marcus Morris, F, Hunting Park – He came up with 20 points in the upset win over the Jaguars and it was his steal and coast to coast dunk that sealed the deal.

Herb Pope, PF, Jots – Wasn't his day. Though he had some shining moments, Pope wasn't himself but luckily his boys picked up the slack and brought them home down the stretch.

Terrelle Pryor, SF, Jots – This isn't his team … yet. Pryor, who is considering playing major college football, doesn't get enough credit for his savvy as a hoops player. His defense in the semifinals and efficient 4-for-5, 11-point performance were just as clutch as Blair's heroics.

Props to Andre Jones. The team manager for the Pittsburgh Jots is the best we've seen so far this summer. From getting the towels ready for the guys to delivering the refreshments, this dude has it down pat. He's future college manager material for sure. "Chicken" gets it done! …

Beinert lists Davidson, Holy Cross, St. John's, Hofstra, High Point and Xavier (no offer). He attended the same high school as Wildcats head coach Bob McKillop. … Jaguars point guard Jeremiah Kelly is interested in DePaul and Iowa State at this point and they are reciprocating. DePaul was here to watch him on Saturday. …

Jamaal Bryant came up big for the Jots in the title game with 16 points. … Mac Koshwal is playing at a high level right now. What he does really well comes after a defensive board. He's good at either making a fast outlet or advancing the ball up court by himself like a fullback. …

"If I can just get Herb (Pope) distracted I think we might be able to win."

  • Prophets coach Ozie Davis in the semifinals. Pope was slightly off task but Blair was very focused

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