adidas Super 64: Monday Rundown

LAS VEGAS – Most of the day was spent watching the adidas Super 64. "64" was in the early stages of the playoffs and the games weren't too competitive. To finish off the evening we slid over to the Big Time and caught Jason Henry's act against the Oakland Soldiers.

Jason Henry, SF/PG, So. Georgia Rebels – Prospect Alert! This guy is about 6-foot-6 and plays three positions ala Kevin Galloway (a riser from last summer) though he's not as athletic. Love how he can score from all places on the floor. He's a high-major now with room to grow and tighten up his game. Very intriguing and a guy that is likely to become very popular once he gets home and can receive telephone calls. Good thing for him he doesn't have a cell phone and can't get text messages because he'd have to employ someone to answer them. He didn't even have a great offensive game (14 points, 5-13 FG) but the manner by which he went about his business was impressive.

Sam Muldrow

Sam Muldrow, C, Beach Ball Select – Dave Odom loves these kinds of guys and we bet he's sure glad to have him committed right now! Muldrow is long bodied and still raw. However, he's a prospect not a project. He played with intensity and dunked what he could. He's got a body that is capable of carrying more weight and didn't shy away from contact inside.

EBO's Roster – Since the advent of the Super 64, EBO has owned the event capturing the first two championships and could be on its way to another as Darren Matsubara is a strong contender for GM of the summer. His latest maneuver landed Jerryd Bayless on the roster for Vegas. They rolled Team Oklahoma today (big surprise) and the team is ripping through its opponents. "Mats" always comes up with a summer stunner like back in the day when he landed Brett Nelson out of West Virginia for his traveling team.

James Harden/Drew Viney – Pump ‘n Run Elite took its opponent to the woodshed as Harden and Viney spread the floor and took turns dropping 3s from opposite wings. During a 38-14 opening half run Harden wore it out from the left and Viney stroked it from the right. Worked quite nicely for the Pumpers.

Jerime Anderson, PG, Double Pump Elite – Watching the 2008 west coast prospects is a lot of fun. Figuring out who is No. 2 behind Brandon Jennings is taxing. Anderson is a definite candidate along with Larry Drew and the talented Malcolm Lee. He's rock solid as a playmaker, runner of your team and keeps you honest from the outside.

Anthony Thompson, PF, Houston Select – Interesting prospect to say the least. He's pushing 6-foot-10 but only weighs about 185. He'd be an ideal high-major redshirt candidate (think Kenan Ellis body style) that could, with a small time investment, prove to be a rotation guy for a bigger school. He needs to get stronger, add weight and work on his overall game but he's a prospect.

Wendell McKinnes, PF, Oakland Soldiers – This 6-foot-5 manchild is not exactly an ideal high-major candidate at his size. But, this guy is going to have a chance to earn a Pac-10 schollie because he does something few others in his class do: he raises the intensity of his teammates. The guy dunks the basketball hard and it fires guys up. It's a totally unique trait and there's a place for him because of it. We'll see who bites because everyone is thinking the same thing.

Wendell McI

Jrue Holiday, SG, Double Pump Elite – One of those guys who lets the game come to him and splashes jumpers from the perimeter. His body is so strong that contact is welcomed at all times. We've got him in the Top 5 and while that may be a tad aggressive right now he'll be a candidate for placement amongst the dozer or so best in his class.

Drew Gordon, PF, Oakland Soldiers – OK, we set his rebounding over/under at 18 since he handled 16 with no problem yesterday. Well, foul trouble derailed the Gordon rebound train, though he did manage 2 offensive rebounds in the first 43 seconds of the game. The ultra-intense Gordon had to watch a good portion of this one from the bench so the 4 point, 7 rebound, 4 block effort is a blip on the radar screen. He's promised 20 boards in his next game.

James Harden
The latest on Jerryd Bayless is that he's listing Arizona, Texas, Georgia Tech, Kansas and Washington. Each school was represented at his morning game with head coaches from all but Texas in the house. Bayless told us that he's only been to Texas and Arizona and seen Tech's campus from a distance. He couldn't pick a school he hasn't been to so if he's going to wait to make his decision it would mean officially visiting the programs he hasn't seen. …

South Carolina was in the stands watching Sam Muldrow. The Gamecocks others in-state commitment, Aaron Ellis, is out with a nasty dislocated finger. … We suspect North Carolina's Roy Williams, Lorenzo Romar, Arizona State's Herb Sendek, Bill Self and Ben Howland were all in attendance watching Larry Drew Monday afternoon. …

"It gets closer as the days go by," James Harden said of his timeframe to decide between Washington and Arizona State. Everyone suspects the Sun Devils here but Harden wouldn't cop to a leader. … Drew Gordon's evening crowd: Ben Howland, Lorenzo Romar, Roy Williams, Lute Olson plus assistants from UConn and California. … Jason Henry drew assistants from Tennessee, Kentucky, Clemson and Cincinnati. …

Randy Culpepper has an offer from Southeast Missouri State, Hampton, New Mexico and Arkansas State. Clemson is monitoring him some too. … Kenton Walker is listing Creighton, San Diego, San Diego State, Illinois, Portland, Washington, Oregon and Oregon State. Creighton signed his boy Kenny Lawson last year and they are in the mix this time around because of it. …Jason Henry is listing Memphis (offer), Tennessee (offer), Arkansas, Clemson, LSU and Baylor. …

Alonzo Edwards has an offer from Wyoming with interest coming from SMU, Texas Tech, Texas, Miami and Texas A&M. … Anthony Thompson is hearing from SMU, Texas, A&M, Texas Tech and Notre Dame. … Nick Winbush has offers from Buffalo, Utah, Cleveland State, Toledo, Miami-OH and IUPUI. Indiana has called and Xavier evaluated him this week. …

Henry vs. Oakland
Randy Culpepper is a tough kid; he's a baller. The guard took a nasty fall and cracked his dome on the unforgiving floor. Never one to miss a chance to score points, Culpepper stepped up and stroked the free throws a minute after shaking off the cobwebs. … We weren't at the game but one coach reported that Cole Aldrich was assaulting rims with a vengeance Monday afternoon. That's good information. … Alonzo Edwards of Houston Select is a cut up combo forward with an Adonis body. We'd like him as a high-major if he can prove to be a consistent producer. … We saw a pair of dunks today that are worth mentioning. JaJuan Johnson gave a guy on New York Elite a facial to end the game. In a classic "Jerry Maguire" moment, the vanquished defender faked being injured, laid on the ground and concealed a big smile while some adults scurried over to see if he was hurt. He wasn't of course and he's got a future in film. The other dunk was courtesy of America's top power dunker Wendell McKinnes.

Lipscomb got a good one in Josh Slater. He's a shot maker and one of those guys you watch drop 8 3s in a conference championship to punch a Big Dance ticket. … Nick Winbush is the mid-major flavor of the day. The Cleveland Basketball Club small forward is starting to get nice mid-major crowds. ..

They're conducting an officiating clinic at the Super 64 and it's a show. Listening to refs get berated by other officials during games is comical. For starters, why would someone pay money to attend Ref School then have their authority undermined during a game? It makes no sense and it's really silly. So what did we do? Root for bad calls, of course! …

"Focus. Come on ref, lock in and focus."

  • One officiating instructor firing up a referee candidate during a game. Trust us, it didn't have to be that intense!

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