AAU Nationals: Friday Rundown

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Friday at the AAU Nationals was the perfect time to get early looks at a handful of talented underclassmen while reporting back on emerging senior prospects like Demontez Stitt.

Dorenzo Hudson, SG, Charlotte Royals – Until he got to Orlando, Hudson hadn't quite played to his lofty ranking. Now that he's made it to Disney, his stroke has been magical. We caught Friday afternoon in the midst of a 7-for-10 effort from the field as he finished with 23 points and 7 rebounds.

Dorenzo Hudson

Demontez Stitt, PG, Charlotte Nets – He's looking like a kid who at the minimum will play in the Atlantic 10 (Bobby Lutz is chasing him so hard that he appeared to skip dinner as to not risk being late to his game). Stitt had a tale of two halves. In the first he tried to pass the rock and get everyone involved but when guys couldn't finish for him he scrapped that plan. After the half, Memphis Tigers guard Myron Strong got into him pretty good with some aggressive, physical defense; unlike most summer defenders. Stitt earned his 20 points (7-11 FG) off drives in the paint. We'd like to see him shoot it but the guy can play.

Dominique Jones, CG, Team Stat – If he goes to a high level mid-major program he'll be a candidate for all-league. The kid makes buckets. Plus, he gives you a look at both guard spots and he's not afraid of anyone. He drove the bus for Team Stat in a win over Mid-State Ballerz 16.He's sitting on that mid-major/high-major fence right now.

Scotty Hopson
Scotty Hopson, SF, Mid-State Ballerz 16 – All summer long we've been hearing how he's a big time player. Well, the information we received was right on point. He's one of those dudes who slipped under the shoe camp radar but is terrific. Hopson pushed 6-6 and can score. We caught him in the midst of an athletic 17 and 9 game. Right now he favors attacking the rim but there's little doubt he can shoot it and he rebounds his position. At the minimum he's a Top 50 talent.

Ty Walker, C, N.C. Gaters – His playing time isn't on par with that of a high-major prospect and he remains a work in progress. Having said that, he's a work in progress that we're willing to bet goes from prospect to player during his junior season. At this point, he's doing one or two things a game to let you know he's got talent and the rest you have to leave to your imagination. By the way, imagining what a 6-11 athletic runner of the floor who blocks shots can do isn't difficult.

Tyler McDaniels, PF, N.C. Gaters 16 – The son of Tulane assistant coach Benji Taylor (a former player at Richmond) looks the part and you can tell he's going to be a player. He's got a little perimeter element to his game to go with his 6-7 frame.

Latavious Williams, PF, Mid-State Ballerz 16 – Before we begin talking about him as a player, let's do some math. Starkville High + size + rebounding abilities = Mississippi State. This local recruit hails from Travis Outlaw's high school, can board it out of his area and was watched by Rick Stansbury Friday night.

D'Mitri Riggs, SG, Team Illinois – He's a got a regional reputation and he probably earned it with his stroke. The Bloomington (Ill.) product has a little shake to his game and tends to be left-hand dominant. At the end of the day his 3-point stroke is his best immediate weapon and he made 4 of them in our game to rally for 23 points.

D'Mitri Riggs

Illinois assistant Tracy Webster laid a set of eyes on D'Mitri Riggs. … A.J. Stewart said that Miami and Oklahoma State were pursuing him the hardest. Tubby Smith, Florida, Clemson, Wake Forest and Illinois dropped by one of his games. … East Carolina head coach Ricky Stokes was joined by assistants from North Carolina and Wake Forest when Ty Walker played. … Seth Greenberg watched committed recruit Gus Gilchrist. … Dorenzo Hudson's crowd looked like Charlotte's Bobby Lutz, N.C. State's Sidney Lowe plus assistants from Wake Forest, Georgia, Clemson, Boston College, Virginia Tech and Miami. …

Tulane head coach Dave Dickerson sat with Benji Taylor, an assistant coach, and watched Taylor's son play. … Stitt's crowd read: head coaches from Charlotte and Virginia Tech plus assistants from Clemson, Georgia Tech and Memphis. George Mason sent a trio of assistants to try and make an impression. … Team Stat guard Miquel Paul bruised his tail bone and is questionable for the remainder of the event. …

Royals forward George Valentine is getting hit up by Temple, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Tennessee, Boston University, Virginia Commonwealth and UNC-Greensboro. … Stitt rattled off Charlotte, Wake Forest, Clemson (offer), Georgia Tech, East Carolina (offer) and Winthrop (offer). … Scotty Hopson lists Mississippi State, Kentucky, Clemson, Florida (offer), Memphis, Georgia Tech, Xavier and Alabama. . .. Idell Bell has offers from Florida A&M and Appalachian State. College of Charleston watched him and FSU, Clemson and VCU are keeping tabs. …

Patrick Patterson's school list from the AAU's (family says he's still open) – Wake Forest, Duke, Kentucky, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Clemson, North Carolina, Florida, Louisville. … Delvon Roe's current school list – Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Illinois, Indiana, Virginia Tech, Miami, Florida, Kansas, North Carolina. He's going to narrow it down to 7 in a few weeks. … Nate Miles current (and lengthy) list of possible contenders – Texas, Georgetown, Baylor, Indiana, UAB, Illinois, Kansas, Xavier, Miami, Michigan State, Oklahoma State, Boston College. … Blake Hoffarber offers: Cincinnati, Rutgers, Virginia Tech. Others – West Virginia, Notre Dame, Stanford, Kansas. …

Friday's Shot Chart
O.J. Mayo and Co. nearly lost to Team Illinois Hawks. Mayo packs a gym like no other but the Greyhounds are going to need to play more like Bulldogs if they are going to win this thing. … Myron Strong, the Memphis Tigers point guard, earned mid-major scholarship consideration with his airtight defense on Stitt. This is a tough kid and a hard playing guard. … Speaking of hard playing, Idell Bell has zero regard for his body. Team Stat's point man competes and he was rewarded for his efforts when he banked in (though he didn't call it) the game-winner against Mid-State. …

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