Will Ubaka Pop Soon?

The rumor is that the #1 point guard in the west, Ayinde Ubaka, could follow his AAU teammate Leon Powe, and commit to Cal soon...

With the commitment of his AAU teammate and friend, Leon Powe, to Cal, we thought it might be smart to talk to Ayinde Ubaka, 6-2 SR PG, Oakland (Calif.) High, the #1-ranked point guard on the west coast.

Ubaka has long been thought to be a heavy lean to Cal also, and the theory was that Powe's commitment could spur a commitment from Ubaka.

Ubaka, though, played it pretty close to the vest about the impact of Powe's commitment on his decision. "That was great that Leon committed to Cal," Powe said. "That was the best situation for him. And I'll do the best situation for me. If it happens to also be Cal, great."

There was a bit of a rumor circulating around the Big Time that Ubaka could pop for Cal soon himself. True? "Ahh, no, not really. I want to take some official visits in September. I wouldn't even say I have a favorite right now."

He did say, though, if he had to narrow it to his favorites, that Cal, Arizona and Florida would be at the top of the list. He said he's also considering Oregon, USC and possibly San Diego State.

"Well, I'd like to trip to Florida," Ubaka said. "I'd also like to trip to Arizona, Oregon, USC and San Diego State. Everyone tells me when you take a trip to San Diego State, it's so nice you want to go there. So I want to trip there."

USC is somewhat new addition to the list. "Yeah, Coach Bibby came to see me in May, and they've been recruiting me since."

Ubaka said he missed the ABCD camp because of his commitment to summer school. "I'm working hard in school. Last year I ended up with a 3.1 GPA overall for the year and I'm doing well this summer." Ubaka also said he's studying for the SAT in September.

A couple of notes: As stated above, there was a rumor circulating that Ubaka might commit to Cal soon. Florida could be running a distant third in this race for a few reasons, one being that they received a commitment from point guard Ryan Appleby. Also, it was interesting that Arizona's Lute Olson and Cal's Ben Braun stood together and talked while watching Ubaka play yesterday…

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