Big East School Tabs Scott

Carlton Scott has a pretty neat story. The 6-foot-8 power forward barely played last year was a stud the final 2 days in Las Vegas and now he's a Big East recruit.

To say success, as in recruiting attention, came quickly for Carlton Scott would be an understatement. The 6-foot-8 San Antonio Madison forward experienced a "blow up" the last week in July with the Houston Jr. Hardballers and now he's a member of the Notre Dame recruiting class.

Scott, who was offered by Texas Tech and Vanderbilt, pledged his allegiance to Mike Brey 5 days after the Irish offered him a scholarship.

"It was one of those gut feelings where it just feels right. I've always liked Notre Dame and the tradition," Scott said. "It seemed like a perfect fit. I talked to Coach Brey and he was real happy."

Last season was a tumultuous one for Scott. Various extenuating circumstances basically kept him out of the action the better part of his junior season. "I didn't play (but 5 games) last year. I transferred high schools and was at Roosevelt and I transferred to Madison.

"Because I didn't move and it was in the district I had to sit out a full calendar year. Once I came back I injured my leg and was out for the rest of the season. I took a knee to the shin."

Like we said, it was an interesting year for Scott culminating in a scholarship offer from a school he's had his eye on for sometime. "It happened at the beginning of this week. They came and watched me play last fall during the high school year and that's when I really started thinking about them."

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