Four Leaders For Fazekas

Nick Fazekas has gone from relative obscurity to having high majors pursuing him. We spoke with him in Las Vegas and learned that four schools top his list...

Nick Fazekas, 6-10 SR C Arvada (Col.) Ralson Valley, has seen his stock skyrocket this summer after a series of very impressive performances.

We spoke with Fazekas at the Big Time and asked for his leaders. "Cal, Utah, New Mexico and Washington are my top four," said Fazekas.

When questioned about the major factors in his decision, Fazekas replied, "the chance to play right away is the number one issue. I don't care about staying close or going away, but the opportunity to play early is very important."

Fazekas doesn't have any trips set up yet, but said he'll do so after July. He plans on making a decision by November.

One issue that has some coaches concerned about Fazekas is his feet. He told us he has a big arch and it causes his left foot to turn inward. Watching him run, one gets the feeling that he might be susceptible to injury. He told us that the doctors have said he's not any more at risk than any other player and it's not something to worry about. He also told us that if he were to have surgery to correct the problem -- they'd need to break the bone and restrucure it -- he'd be out for a year. Fazekas says it doesn't affect his play and he doesn't plan on having any surgery.

Fazekas told us that he has a 2.8 GPA and scored 18 on the ACT.


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