Hickson Making Headway With Process

J.J. Hickson is one of the top-rated big dogs still on the board. Scout.com's No. 3 center tells us he's got 7 schools currently on his mind.

It's a list a number of top college programs covet being on. J.J. Hickson, Scout.com's No. 21 prospect, said he's got 7 schools under consideration: Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina State, Georgetown, Arizona and Illinois and Kentucky.

OK, here we are on August 15, trying to put some order on his list. We asked the outstanding prospect who is on him the hardest? "As of right now, Tennessee, N.C. State and Florida," Hickson said. "I know it's their job to recruit but when I talk to them I know that I'm the only one they're recruiting at the time."

No. 21 J.J. Hickson (Hawkins)

Chris Johnson, one of Hickson's AAU coaches with the World Wide Renegades lent some insight into Hickson's recruitment. "The first five is who he's going to take his officials with for sure," Johnson said. "I'm not sure if he's going to unofficial Illinois and Kentucky for sure." Johnson said Billy Donovan and Lute Olson would be in Hickson's living room the first week they could in September.

At this point in the summer, most uncommitted kids are beginning to settle in on a visit list. Hickson would like to have one too. "As soon as possible. I have to match it up with my school schedule."

Hickson reiterated that everyone seems about even right now and the process for him is beginning to move forward. "All of them have offered me a scholarship. I'm just looking to see what is the best situation for me and my family right now."

We asked the big fella exactly what is the ideal college situation for he and his game. "I want to come in and work hard and earn my playing. It would be them having a big man before me who is really good and me coming in as a freshman and knowing I'll have some big shoes to fill. Not so much as a replacement but I want to live up to expectations of me coming in as a freshman and playing."

Since the end of July, Hickson hasn't been on any campuses he's merely been working out. On Monday we caught him shortly after working out with a strong group of NBA players. Expect him to begin setting a few visits in the coming weeks as the process is set to move forward for the Wheeler High star.

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