AAU Nationals Checklist

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. –- We arrived at the AAU Nationals just in time for the start of the playoffs. On Sunday, we saw a few players we hadn't seen before and some that we're quite familiar. All in all, the talent level at the AAU's looks pretty good.

AAU Nationals, Day One

2003 Checklist

Wesley Green, C, Central Florida Force: "I've been waiting for you," Green said. "I knew eventually you would come." That's the response I received from Green upon introducing myself to him for the first time after the game. Apparently, Green felt that he deserved some publicity and you know what? He's right. The 6-9, 300 plus center can play. Today, he scored 10 points and pulled down 10 rebounds against Houston Select. Green has great size and even better passing skills.

Vakeaton Wafer, SF, Arkansas Wings: In the game we watched, he scored 25 points. He did so in front of a fine crowd of head coaches. Against Rochester, he made five 3s. This isn't the first time we've walked away wondering how good he can be.

Cartier Martin, SF, Houston Select: Almost forgot about him didn't you? Martin missed the major shoe camps because he was in summer school. Well, his game hasn't changed much nor has it suffered. In the game we watched he was effective scoring and we always liked how he plays with athleticism.

Andrew Lavender, PG, All-Ohio: This is one tired point guard, but he's not about to give in. Earlier in the day, his 13-footer did in the Albany City Rocks. In the evening, he took command of a game against Team Georgia Elite and insured All-Ohio didn't take the early exit.

Vince Hunter, C, Arkansas Rockets: The skinny 6-9 post player physically resembles Jonathan Bender. We had never seen him before. Right now, it would appear that his game is all defense. He blocked some shots and is a good athlete but at 185 pounds, he's got some weight room work to do. Regardless, down the road we could here about him.

2004 Checklist

Jawan McClennan, SG, Houston Select: The Nimitz High product is about to take his recruitment to another level. We think this one is going to be all about some big timers. McClennan has a big time scoring package. Today, he was banging 3-pointers at a pretty good clip. He's also got a nice mid-range game.

Xavier Price, SF, St. Louis Eagles (16s): Price waited until the last day of the Nike Hoop Jamboree to show what he can do but he didn't take that long to heat up this evening. He scored 17 points and was able to get himself to the rim and finish.

Off The Dribble

St. Louis Eagles reserve Matt Shaw tipped in a shot at the buzzer to lift his team past TABA Team Illinois. … Todd Hendley made a key play against Philly Hoop Black to get his team back into the game. Hendley made a baseline jumper that seemingly gave the Raleigh Heat momentum. A few minutes later, Trey Whitted hit a 3 to get the game into OT where the Heat would eventually fall. …

Houston Select guard Blake Adams isn't just a shooter. Throughout the course of the summer, Adams not only has shown a propensity to make 3s but he's also comfortable taking a dribble and then getting his jumper off. … Greg Paulus of the Rochester Area Players looked more comfortable with his current team than he did last week at the Big Time with the Donyell Marshall Foundation. …

For almost a year it seemed like Safwan Mohammed had been missing. We hadn't seen the combo guard in a while. Tonight, he was back at it again against All-Ohio burying 3s. … Kappa Magic big man Eddie Green-Long was more active in the evening game than we've seen in a while. He made a few short jumpers and blocked a shot. We think a slew of CAA teams are watching him. …

From The West Coast

We hear the big man on the coast in California today was Thomas Gardner. The swingman hit up the Michigan Hurricanes for 40 points as the Inner City Players gunned down the Hurricanes.

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