Colorado Guard Gets Attention

Lenny Miles, a combo-type guard from Colorado, is fairly unknown, but he's an impressive prospect, enough so that he's garnered some offers...

Lenny Miles, 6-2 SR PG, Montebello (Col.) Adams City, is a very good all-around athlete who's getting recruiting for both football and basketball. But, in a different twist for a two-sporter, Miles has a fresh take on his situation.

"I think I just want to play one sport, and that would be basketball," Miles said. "I think in college one sport would be demanding enough. It would be difficult to put as much time into both sports to the point that you could be as good as you can be in both. I just think it's too much to do both."

So, even though Colorado has offered him in football as a safety, he's looking at the recruiting interest he's getting in basketball as his options. Miles said that, in basketball, Colorado and New Mexico have offered, but he's heard quite a bit also from Wichita State, Wyoming and Utah.

"I don't really have a favorite at this point," Miles said. "I couldn't even narrow it down to three. I'm hoping by mid-August I'll be able to cut it down." He said he intends to take some trips early and then possibly commit pretty quickly, and "definitely by the fall signing period."

He doesn't have a preference for staying close to home. "I can go anywhere. Anywhere I can play."

He has a 3.1 GPA and said he didn't pass the SAT in his first attempt but is studying to take it again in September.

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