Panthers Tap Philly Pipeline

Bradley Wannamaker figured he was the perfect fit for one Big East program as it looks to continue its tradition founded in toughness.

In the last decade, the Pittsburgh Panthers have been successful recruiting tough minded kids. Bradley Wannamaker knows all about that tradition of toughness and figured it was time to end his recruitment and join the crew.

"I went on my unofficial a couple days of ago and it just seemed right," Wannamaker told "I just felt that was the place for me."

The Philadelphia Roman Catholic standout accounted for 16 points a game as a junior on a team that should put no less than 5 players in Division I basketball. He's from Philly and that typically means he'll be ready to rock in the rough and tumble Big East.

"I'm a tough guy. I'm determined to win."

Roman Catholic assistant Rasool Gresham thinks Wannamaker has what it takes to make his presence felt at Pittsburgh. "I see him as a combo guard who is an all around player. He's a real tough defender and he can score. Everybody thinks about his defense but Brad brings that toughness and defense and the ability to score.

"He's going to continue the tradition of them having tough, all-around type guards that just get it done. He really thinks they'll put in the work to get the right players to continue the progression to get a national championship."

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