On Campus: Aug. 25-27

Can you believe it? Football season is almost here and that means one thing to basketball fans: visits. Some of America's best prospects hit the streets and head for campuses around the country this weekend.

Here's what we have so far in terms of official and unofficial weekend visitors for Aug. 25-27.

  • Jeff Teague, Wake Forest & Boston College
  • James Johnson, Wake Forest
  • Chris Wright, Wake Forest
  • Dorenzo Hudson, Clemson & Wake Forest (unofficial)
  • George Goode, Louisville
  • Mac Koshwal, Louisville (unofficial)
  • Chandler Parsons, Florida
  • Ty Abbott, Wichita State
  • Jon Leuer, Notre Dame (unofficial)
  • Lewis Jackson, Illinois (unofficial)
  • Ceola Clark, Western Illinois
  • Jake Kelly, Pepperdine
  • Jordan DeMercy, Vanderbilt & George Mason (unofficial)
  • Dragoslav Papic, VCU (unofficial)

    Scout.com Visit List

    The boys at Wake Forest are the envy of college basketball the next few days. They have Chris Wright, the No. 3 available point guard on campus which is nice. They also host Dorenzo Hudson, Scout.com's No. 1 available shooting guard. Mix in a little James Johnson who is the No. 3 uncommitted small forward and Jeff Teague, the 5th best uncommitted lead guard and the makings are there for a huge weekend. So they have that going for them, which is nice.

    Each week for the next month this list will get longer as the football season cranks up. Scout.com is your home for all of college basketball's important recruiting weekends!

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