Hobson Still Waiting

Darrington Hobson committed to Wyoming a while back, but the smooth Las Vegas native, who has bounced around quite a bit as far as schools are concerned, is back open now - and he's looking for a new place to play this season.

Darrington Hobson is still in limbo.

The Las Vegas native, who attended school in California last year, is still playing the waiting game – hoping that there is room for him at Brewster Academy in New Hampshire.

``It's hard," said the 6-foot-6 wing. "All I can do is be patient."

Hobson made the switch from the loaded Southern Cal All-Stars to another west coast program, H-Squad, midway through the summer. While he didn't win as many games, he was more than content with the results.

``I think I played pretty good," he said. "We played in both the Big Time and the Main Event. We had to forfeit in the Main Event, but we went to the final eight in the Big Time. I think I averaged about 17 points and 8 rebounds or so."

Hobson said he's fielded calls from the likes of Oklahoma State, Baylor, Tennessee, USC and Texas.

``I haven't set up any visits yet," Hobson said. ``I'll set them up after I take the SAT in October."

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