West Coast 2007 Rankings: Point Guards

The 2007 West Coast point guard rankings are pretty much wide open, as the talent is way down for this year. We expect our rankings could change considerably by the spring, as players step up in their senior year...

The West Coast 2007 point guards are a thin group, with no elite talents and very few high major prospects on the list. Brown has a slight edge for the top spot, due primarily to his upside. McMillan is a solid prospect, but will need to improve his shot at the next level. Thomas is a prolific scorer who can put up points in a hurry. Richardson is not a true one, but he has a good feel and he'll make open shots. Harmon is another player who is more of a combo than pure point. He's got the ability to get his own shot, though, and he's a good athlete.

1) Kamyron Brown, 6-2, Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei
2) Jamelle McMillan, 6-2, Seattle (Wash.) O'Dea
3) Isaiah Thomas, 5-7, Tacoma (Wash.) Curtis
4) Brandon Richardson, 6-0, Hawthorne (Calif.) High
5) Trevon Harmon, 5-10, Pasadena (Calif.) High
6) Venoy Overton, 5-11, Seattle (Wash.) Franklin
7) Bo Henning, 6-2, Sacramento (Calif.) Christian Brothers
8) Kareem Nitoto, 6-2, San Leandro (Calif.) High
9) Lashard Anderson, 5-11, San Diego (Calif.) Serra
10) Mickey McConnell, 6-0, Mesa (Ariz.) Dobson

Donnell Beverly, Jr., 6-2, Lawndale (Calif.) Leuzinger
Harrison Gaines, 6-0, Phelan (Calif.) Serrano
Jeremiah Ostrowski, 5-9, Honolulu (Hawaii) Punahou
Trey Gross, 6-2, San Jose (Calif.) Edison
Kendall Wallace, 6-2, Mesa (Ariz.) Mountain View
Jalonni Diggs, 6-1, Los Angeles (Calif.) Verbum Dei
D.J. Gay, 5-11, Sun Valley (Calif.) Poly
Michael Loyd, 6-1, Las Vegas (Nev.) Durango
Henry Thorns, 5-7, Las Vegas (Nev.) Valley
Sheldon Smith, 6-0, Gardena (Calif.) High
Jonathan Love, 5-10, Inglewood (Calif.) High
JayDee Luster, 5-7, San Diego (Calif.) Hoover
Kirby Vaughn, 5-11, Vallejo (Calif.) High
Heiden Ratner, 5-11, Las Vegas (Nev.) Silverado
Jon Atkins, 6-2, Las Vegas (Nev.) Trinity
JaShon Hampton, 5-9, Los Angeles (Calif.) Fairfax
Davell Jackson, 6-0, Las Vegas (Nev.)
Lawrence Hurdle, 5-7, San Diego (Calif.) Helix
Cliff Knox, 6-2, Moreno Valley (Calif.) Rancho Verde
Jabari Trotter, 6-0, North Hollywood (Calif.) Harvard-Westlake
Jesse Woodard, 5-10, Compton (Calif.) Centennial
Quenton Jennings, 5-10, Anchorage (Alaska) Bartlett
Kyle Lewis, 5-9, Englewood (Col.) Kent Denver
Garrett Lever, 5-11, Phoenix (Ariz.) Desert Vista
Nick Martineau, 6-0, Kaysville (Utah) Davis
Michael Patton, 5-10, Boulder (Col.) High

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