Hudson Attracts More Attention

As it stands right now, Dorenzo Hudson is the highest-rated available shooting guard on the radar. What does that mean? It means he's pretty darn good and he's very important to a handful of programs.

Last Saturday at Hargrave's first workout of the year, a case could be made that Dorenzo Hudson was the most impressive performer of the day. The 6-foot-4 native of Forest Hills, N.C., showed that even with a half dozen strong players on the court, getting to the rim and making perimeter shots is second nature to him.

Ranked as's No. 51 prospect in the Class of 2007, Hudson is the very best uncommitted shooting guard on the board.

This weekend, Hudson has a visit scheduled with Miami, his first of the year. He's been to Clemson and Virginia Tech unofficially and wouldn't mind seeing those campuses again in an official capacity.

Maryland, Oklahoma, Georgia, Ohio State and Illinois are showing interest. Thad Matta is going to be at the school on Thursday checking out Hudson while Bruce Weber flew into town to see his first workout last Saturday.

For Hudson, picking a college has been reduced to one simple concept: happiness. "I just don't want to be somewhere you ain't happy with. That's basically what it is. People say they want to see the style of play but everybody can be the same. You don't want to be unsatisfied."

Hudson has been quite satisfied since announcing his presence last spring with a 49-point game at the Boo Williams Invitational. The former small school standout who went deep into the N.C. playoffs last year with Forest Hills has cranked it up the last year.

Because of his location and level of competition it took awhile for him to emerge nationally but when he did he looked strong.

"I'm pretty sure it was because they look at the 2-A school and think anyone could do it," Hudson said. "I didn't think it was my fault with the competition. I guess it was hard to tell."

Not anymore.

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