2008 Focus: Bud Mackey

As the high school unfolds, junior guard Bud Mackey is expected to make his presence felt. Mackey came close to breaking out this summer before missing a big tournament at the end of July.

Bud Mackey was a roster protest away from potentially becoming more of a household name entering his junior year. Known in his region, the 6-foot-2 Georgetown (Ky.) Scott County combo guard, was on the verge of breaking out at the AAU Nationals.

"I was up in Florida but I went with a different team and my old team protested against me so I couldn't play," Mackey said.

"When I got down there we were registering and I ran into my old coach and I told him who I was playing for and the next thing you know someone called and said I couldn't play. It killed me."

Bud Mackey
Mackey was in the process of building a head of steam for himself. Down at the AAU Nationals, had he played, Mackey would have teamed with Scotty Hopson. Of course, Hopson did play and he played well, gaining a lot of recruiting momentum and enhancing his national rep because of it. All this while Mackey was forced to sit on the sidelines, a casualty of a roster protest.

Though he didn't get to play, many programs are already aware of the guard who averaged 15 points a game during the season and 20 during Scott County's post-season run.

Mackey said he prefers to be cast in the role of scorer but a future at both guard slots could be in his cards. "I play both but mainly I like to play the shooting guard. That's what I play for Scott Co. I think Coach Hicks is moving me to the point so I can get more done."

Speaking of getting things done, many programs are making the rounds checking on him this fall. Xavier, Mississippi State, Murray State, Clemson, Indiana, Kentucky and Louisville have either seen him or plan on catching up with him this month.

Last month, he and Hopson went on an unofficial visit to Louisville. He's already chatted with UK's Tubby Smith and seen its campus.

While the nation continues to learn about Mackey, certainly the teams that need to know about him are already doing their homework. Now it's up to the rest of us to continue studying a player who may prove to be one of the fastest risers during the high school season.

"I'm an outgoing guy," Mackey said. "I'm kind of loud at times, very humorous. On the court it's a whole different deal. I'm all about business. I like to be the general and do things that I like to do and communicate."

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