Prep Tour: Charis Prep

Carlos Peralta has the boys at Charis Prep geared up for another season. The team features a number of talented mid-major recruits and a 2009 North Carolinian who is coming off a strong freshman season.

SNOW HILL, N.C. – Charis Prep, founder and head coach Carlos Peralta, is a demanding type of guy. Armed with a genuine care for his players, he's not about to let them off easy. As far as preseason workouts go, Peralta can run ‘em with the best of them.

That's the Charis Prep way: go hard or go home. Speaking of homes, Peralta's working on a new residence for his basketball program. The 3rd year school which cranked out Miami's Jimmy Graham, has been located in multiple rural towns in North Carolina in year's past. Going forward, Peralta has a plan that will bring stability to the school. Ground has been broken on a school and basketball gym.

"We just decided that we needed our own identity," Peralta said. "We needed to create a more positive image in terms of having our own building.

"We're running about two weeks late because of the hurricane and the weather. We decided that in order to convey the image of a school that's here to stay we needed our own space."

In the meantime, Charis Prep is working out at a building in Snow Hill, a few miles down the road from their future home in tiny Eureka. It's a character building type of building that doesn't have a single amenity but for Peralta it's about taking kids and elevating them as basketball players and since the gym has two goals, its plenty ready for early season practice.

Justin Safford
There's a familiar face on the roster this year: Darrius Sellers. The 6-foot-7 power forward returns to anchor this club. Sellers, a native of Atlanta, should get recruiting attention from some mid-major programs. Inside – and outside – he's got another tall forward to help him out.

Justin Safford, a native of Bloomington, Ill., is enrolled, working on his grades and making a lot of shots on the perimeter. So far, Peralta's been impressed.

"From the tape I saw of him I could see he had some skill but he's fairly hard-nosed. He was the earliest one to come and we worked on some stuff that I saw right away and I was glad to see how bad he wants it.

"The other surprise is how many good shooters that we have."

Darryl Partin (6-foot-4) and Jay Booker (6-4) can stroke it on the perimeter. New Yorker Dami Sapara, a reclassed 2008 wing, is the slasher. Two more wings, Issac Nixon and Austin Johnson, are missing time with injuries but should provide ample perimeter options by the time the season begins.

Soph Reco McCarter
Plus, Peralta's got a little bit of a surprise. Reco McCarter, a 2009 small forward, is on the roster. Last year at Eastern Wayne, McCarter was a double-digit scorer. Seeking better competition, he transferred to Charis this summer.

"I got a good coach and I've seen what he did for other students," McCarter said. "Jimmy Graham, he's in the ACC at Miami (after attending Charis)."

McCarter flew under the radar as a freshman but is likely to be the team's best overall prospect down the road.

Other Charis Prep Players – G PJ Turner, SG Joe Davis, SF Alex Roll, PF Jerrod Johnson, SF Orlando Walker, G Jake LoMonaco, SG Rob Phillips, wing Ramon Smith, PGS Jamelle Barrett and Marcello Bodkin.

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