Update on Two-Sporter Bradford

The two-sport star, Mark Bradford, will take a football scholarship, but he's proven this summer that, if he plays basketball in college also, he could be a very welcome walk-on to a program...

Mark Bradford, 6-1 SR PG/SG, Los Angeles (Calif.) Fremont, has been one busy kid this summer. He's played in a number of football passing leagues with Fremont, while also doing the AAU summer basketball circuit, which has taken him to various tournaments around the country.

When asked how it was going, he smiled and said, "Tiring."

For football, Bradford is one of the best wide receivers on the west coast and probably among the 10-15 receivers in the country. On the basketball court, he's a solid mid-major prospect that could definitely help any D-1 program if he had the time and inclination to dedicate to basketball. In fact, this summer, Bradford improved his basketball stock when he made a transition from shooting guard to point guard and did very well.

On the recruiting front, Bradford has always been pretty wide open, but he now says that he does indeed have a few leaders. "My favorites right now would be Washington, LSU and USC," Bradford said. He also said he was interested in Colorado, Michigan State, Stanford, UCLA and Oregon. When asked why those three were his favorites, Bradford said, "They're showing the most interest."

Bradford said he was recently on USC's campus for an unofficial visit and said he enjoyed it.

With all the schools on his list having offered, Bradford conceded that he'll have to start considering which schools he'll want to officially visit. "Right now I don't know which ones. I'd like to visit a couple during the football season, and then maybe some after the season."

Bradford said he plans on attempting both sports in college. "I really like both sports and think I could play both," he said. "I don't know if it will be any more tiring than it is now."

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