West Coast 2008 Rankings: Power Forwards

The power forwards in the west for 2008 are still emerging, but there are a couple guys at the top who should be recruited at a very high level. The best prospect of the bunch is a skilled lefty from Nevada...

The 2008 West Coast class of power forwards is a bit thin at this time, but there are several interesting prospects who could emerge in the next two years. Babbitt is the easy choice for the number one ranking. He's highly skilled, with the ability to play in the paint or on the perimeter. His feel for the game is excellent, as is his approach.
Trent is an explosive athlete with a very high upside. He may be able
to eventually play the three. He needs to become a bit more consistent with his effort and focus. If that happens, Trent could be one of the elite prospects in the country. Breshers has a big body, long arms, soft hands and good feet. His skills are still coming, but he has some intriguing physical assets to work with and he could be something of a sleeper in this class.

1) Luke Babbitt, 6-7, Reno (Nev.) Galena
2) Clarence Trent, 6-6, Gig Harbor (Wash.) High
3) Tyrese Breshers, 6-6, Los Angeles (Calif.) Price


Alexander Czyz, 6-7, Reno (Nev.) High
Frank Otis, 6-5, Oakland (Calif.) McClymonds
Alex Renneman, 6-6, Vancouver (Wash.) Skyview
Deshaun Freeman, 6-6, Lawndale (Calif.) Leuzinger
Ricky Calvin, 6-6, Phoenix (Ariz.) Hayden
Renado Parker, 6-5, Kent (Wash.) Kentridge
Elliott Bullock, 6-9, Salt Lake City (Utah) Olympus
Justin Hamilton, 6-9, Highland (Utah) Lone Peak
Mark Forrest, 6-7, San Jose (Calif.) Oak Grove
Nnamdi Elendu, 6-5, Pleasanton (Calif.) Foothill
Gerald Hill, 6-5, Tacoma (Wash.) Curtis
Chris Springer, 6-5, Lakewood (Calif.) Mayfair
James Albright, 6-5, Oakland (Calif.) Fremont
Ashaun Drumgo, 6-5, Denver (Col.) George Washington
Joseph Richard, 6-5, San Bernardino (Calif.) Arroyo Valley
Eugene Phelps, 6-5, Woodland Hills (Calif.) Taft
David Cone, 6-7, Paso Robles (Calif.) High
Jorge Camacho, 6-7, San Francisco (Calif.) Riordan

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