David Padgett Update

Pete Padgett is a former college coach. Nowadays, he serves a unique dual role as father and coach of one of America's top prospects. Here's a look at David Padgett's recruitment with the help of his father.

No Decision Until October

Pete Padgett's been through this whole recruiting thing first as a player himself and then as a coach and finally as the father David Padgett, one of America's finest prospects. He knows the way this deal works, but that's not to say he isn't taken by being on the other end of a recruiting call.

"It's unusual," Pete Padgett said. "I can help him that way a little bit but it's overwhelming. Between the mail and the phone call it's unbelievable."

Overwhelming, but certainly under control is David Padgett's recruiting process. In April, he took official visits to Stanford, Kansas and Arizona. With three out of the way and an August 30 trip to North Carolina looming, all that's left is deciding what to do with the final visit, if anything.

Right now, California, Louisville and Oregon are in contention for the last trip but there's no telling if Padgett uses the visit. "His options are such right now that I don't think he can make a bad pick," Pete said. "He's not going to make up his mind I think until Oct. 1.

"He's not a guy who likes to talk about himself and he's not someone who's real comfortable on the phone for long periods of time."

What Padgett is isn't tough to figure out. He's a coach's son with great ability, super grades and a big upside. He's also a little different in how he approached his senior year. Unlike some of his peers, when USA Basketball called he didn't let the invitation to play on the international scene fall on deaf ears. Instead of gallivanting around gyms in Las Vegas and Augusta, Padgett enlisted with Team USA.

"I know the USA Basketball experience was unbelievable," Pete Padgett said. "This was once in a lifetime."

And so is the chance to play college basketball at the highest level so, like the schools on his list, we'll wait anxiously to see where he elects to play next season.

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