Shakur On His Recruitment

Mustafa Shakur is fast but he's in no rush. The Philadelphia native is pretty much down to a pair of schools and he's going to take his time.

Two Battle For Shakur

This one is shaping up to be a good old fashioned recruiting battle. Friends Central point guard Mustafa Shakur has official visits set up with two programs: NC State and Arizona. Apparently, he's trimmed his list to a pair of schools and is dead set on seeing their campuses.

So, how did he trim the list you say? "I think they have the best opportunity for me guard wise," Shakur said of his two remaining schools. "I just liked the coaching staffs at both."

Recently, Villanova took a commitment from PG Michael Nardi and that basically knocked the Wildcats out. "Villanova would have been in but they were in need of a guard and weren't willing to wait."

Shakur wanted to wait until, as he says, "probably October", because he doesn't feel like he's really seen the campuses yet. "I didn't get a chance to see Arizona at all. I saw NC State a little during the Tournament of Champions. It's hard to make a decision without having first seen them." So, he'll go to Arizona the weekend of Sept. 13 and NC State the weekend of Sept. 27.

Shakur said that the team makeup will have a lot to do with his decision. "I just wonder how the team works together and if I can fit in with the players."

Meanwhile, back in Philly, the guard is getting his rest. He finished up with a little disappointing finish at the Big Time having to endure an injury most of the time. "I wanted to win the Big Time. I wanted to win everything this summer."

Having played at some major events and also at the ABCD Camp, we thought it fair to ask the nation's top point guard exactly who he thought was the best player he went up against this summer. "I liked the young guy Shaun Livingston. I liked his game; he's going to be good. Marcus Williams was good. Reyshawn Reed was fast and Jason Horton is going to be good. Another guy was Mike O'Donnell [from Florida]. A lot of people never heard of him and I liked him. He's good. "

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