Jones Bullish About College Choice

South Florida, a team in search of scoring punch, added a guy this week who can get it done. Dominique Jones is excited about becoming a Bull!

Last year, at Lake Wales High in Florida, guard Dominique Jones scored 19 points a game. This spring and summer he became a high-scorer on the traveling team circuit and in turn a priority for the South Florida Bulls.

This week, USF got it done.

"I was feeling USF from the beginning from my 11th grade year," Jones said. "I was entertaining everyone because I didn't know much and I wanted to see if there was better. This isn't a North Carolina or Duke program. If you go (to those places) you just fit in. I can go in (to USF) and do my thing. My goal is to turn it around so they say ‘it all started when Dominique Jones came there.' "

Jones was hearing from Providence, Fresno State, Pittsburgh and Iowa State. South Florida moved swiftly and decisively to lock him up. Next fall, the Bulls get a guy oozing with confidence – not cockiness – who badly wants to win basketball games.

"Every team I've been on I run it. It's just different things. I can score and get others in the game. Whatever it is for that night then that's what it'll be. One night I might have to score and that'll be it. If my teammates need to score it, I'll drive and kick it. I want to get in there and help turn that program around."

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