Holy Moses: Marshall's Stock Rising

Marshall Moses has hardly been the model of stability. He's jumped around from school to school and for a while, it was still unclear which grade he was going to be in. Now the South Carolina native is comfortable in his surroundings - and his game is starting to take off.

Marshall Moses was in the Class of 2007 to start. Then he re-classified into 2008. Now it appears as though he's back in '07.

Moses started in South Carolina. Then he went with his best friend, Eric Wallace, to Glenn High in North Carolina. Now he's at Patterson School.

Moses was a mid-major guy. Then he stepped it up a notch. Now his recruitment has moved another step forward.

``I'm just trying to build consistency," said the 6-foot-7, 240-pound forward.

Moses initially didn't want to come to Patterson. He thought he was headed to Millersburg Military Academy in Kentucky. Then he thought he was bound for American Christian in Philadelphia.

``Once I got here, I loved it," Moses said.

``Now I'm just trying to go out and play great every time out," he added. "Sometimes people walk away saying they love my game and the next day my game is average. I don't want to be just an average player."

Right now, judging by some of the schools that have shown recent interest, Moses' play has been anything but average.

Kentucky has been communicating almost daily. Kansas is also interested – as is Illinois, Memphis and N.C. State. In fact, Moses said that both Memphis and N.C. State have both offered scholarships recently.

Whereas at one time, he was considered to be a sidekick to Wallace, now he has established his own identity.

``I think it's my time," Moses said. "Before I don't think I was ready. Off the court, I was learning from Eric. I'm a little younger and I was learning how to deal with everything. Thankfully, I met Eric because now I can handle everything on my own."

Moses said he will take the SAT in two weeks and then plans to head to Kentucky the weekend after Midnight Madness.

``It's nice that everything's worked out for me lately," he said. "I'm really proud."

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